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Monday, December 24, 2007

Just Comics Today

It’s a kick being in the comic shop on Christmas Eve Day, playing Christmas Carols and writing. I still had a bunch of sample comics left over from Free Comic Book Day, so I passed out a lot of those already. A guy came in and made the day. He bought my two latest self-published novels, and the newest Ghost Rider mini-series. The main sales so far have been from my twenty-five to seventy-five cent boxes, but that’s okay. The kids remind me of my trips to the local drugstore comic book rack when I was young. To top it all off, no young thugs today yet. :)


Bernita said...

When I was a kid I spent ost of my allowance on comic books.

BernardL said...

Me too, Bernita. My Dad would stop at a bakery on the way home from church, and they had a rack of comics. I will never forget the wonderful smell of those comic books I blew my allowance on. They always retained both the indescribable comic book smell along with the scent of fresh bread. :)