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Monday, November 26, 2007


I was asked to comment professionally on surcharges in the automotive repair business. Since I find it impossible to critique a shop’s charges, other than my own; and because there are as many circumstances as there are shops, I kept my comment humorous.

You can be very profitable at this; and yes, surcharges are a necessity.

Start with book-time (Labor Guide) – A loss leader if there ever was one.

Then Add:

  1. ‘Age surcharge’ – What us old guys lack in speed, we make up for in enthusiasm.
  2. ‘Time Owning Shop surcharge’ – Hey, banks charge interest on loans.
  3. ‘Arthritis surcharge’ – And if you don’t like it, remember one day you’ll be old.
  4. ‘Busted Knuckle’ surcharge – Hospitals charge for blood and skin, don’t they?
  5. ‘I’m Going To Get Dirty On This Job’ surcharge – Soap and water cost money.
  6. ‘The Customer Gave Me Attitude’ surcharge – Sometimes gets grouped with #4.
  7. ‘I’m Old, And Left A Favorite Wrench Under The Hood’ surcharge – Because I can.
  8. ‘Customer Interrupted My Work All Day With Phone Calls’ surcharge – That’ll learn ‘ya!
  9. ‘Customer Argues About Bill, While Looking At Signed Estimate’ surcharge – This must be added at the beginning, and then discounted if not applicable.
  10. ‘Late For Appointment’ surcharge – Doctors charge for this, and they never make anything run better than ever.

My input was met with mixed reactions on the Shop Management Forum. :)


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BernardL said...

I'm glad you got a laugh out of it, TK. Some of the guys on the forum didn't take too kindly to it. :)