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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Coming Soon: Hard Case IX: Isle of Darkness

By tomorrow night I will have 80K words done in my new novel, which should be released in the last week of this month. Here is the blurb and cover for: Hard Case IX: Isle of Darkness.

John Harding’s Monster Squad challenges the new MS-13 arrivals in Oakland with death and deportation. Nick McCarty takes a contract on Mexican pirates who killed a man’s son on Falcon Lake in Texas, while covering the hit with another book signing. Mehdi Al-Kazar wants revenge for the killing of Kalil Al-Kazar, whom Nick blew up in a Michigan grenade attack. Interlinking threads from Antifa/BLM thugs, both the Monster Squad and Unholy Trio tangle with, lead to a terrorist enabler they thought was in prison. He holds the key to getting both Mehdi Al-Kazar and the Isle of Darkness, where Cafrey Rothstein hosts and enables terrorist leaders on a modern-day sex slave island. A last second injury catapults a substituting John Harding into the fight of his life against a former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, to gain UFC reinstatement.


Charles Gramlich said...

You remain a writing machine, my friend.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I love storytelling and altering reality the way I want to, Charles. I don't care about being Shakespeare, Stephen King, or Patterson. I want to make readers pump their fists, spit coffee through their nose at a humorous part they didn't expect, and shed a tear sometimes. It's fun, brother. :)