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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Novella Double Feature 3 - New Release

My Novella Double Feature 3 has just been released with Cold Mountain: Beyond the Kill and Peace: Brotherhood of Warriors. It includes a free copy of the YA paranormal novel set in my hometown of Warren, Ohio: Storm. Novella Double Feature 3 is free to the Kindle Unlimited members as are all of my other novels.

Cold Mountain: Beyond the Kill
Jeremiah (Cold Mountain) McDaniels leads his kill squad on a rescue mission to save his partner, Kumar Rasheed’s wife and daughter, kidnapped by would be blackmailers. The murderous cell of assassins, minions of a corrupt Senator, plan to scare off McDaniels’ task force. The mission threads outward in a spiral of Congressional corruption and treason, interspersed with deadly confrontations in the Kentucky wilderness and the Washington DC political cesspool.

Peace: Brotherhood of Warriors
Peace combines with his CIA mentor on a request for Dan’s Seal Team to protect the United States Embassy and personnel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rioting Islamic Wahhabism and Sharia Law acolytes have overrun the French and German embassies, holding their citizens hostage, who were unable to escape in time. They then turn their sights on the American Embassy. Dan’s Seal Team, the only strike force in position to move instantly, receive orders through Peace’s CIA handler to protect the embassy at all costs. In the interim combat, abandonment to appease the Saudis receives one response from Dan – ‘come and get us or everybody dies until you do’. Washington DC finds out in short order what happens when you abandon a team of professional killers without peer.

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