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Friday, February 24, 2017

Cold Blooded Book VII: Hell on Earth - Release Day

RJ Parker Publishing released my new addition to the Cold Blooded series - Cold Blooded Book VII: Hell on Earth. As I've stated before about this one:

Be warned. No politically correct entity will be safe in this novel. If you wish to read PC Snowflake literature, avoid this novel.  :)


Cold Blooded: Book VII: Hell on Earth rejoins Nick McCarty’s crew and John Harding’s Monster Squad, ripping through terrorists, Black Lives Matter anarchist thugs, treasonous Washington DC politicos, and their billionaire enablers. The Saudi Arabia Al-Kazar family’s new leader, Kalil, wants them dead at all cost.

Kalil Al-Kazar targets killers without peer. The Unholy Trio and Monster Squad strike back without mercy. None of the usual suspects can shield against, or survive their fury. The Chicago killing fields get a taste of El Muerto solo justice when CIA Director Paul Gilbrech asks him to save his stepdaughter and grandchild. Nick carves a buffer zone in the killing fields through gangsters, corrupt politicians, and the political hierarchy abandoning the windy city to deadly chaos, if the citizens can hold on to it.


Terry Derby said...

Hello Bernard, I have a 2006 dodge Dakota 4x4 with a 4.7 and have a transmission problem. I Have changed all the sensors inside and out. When I put it in drive and start driving down the road it is not shifting. What could be my problem

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

There is no way for me to know that from the Internet, Terry. Think about it. You have no codes, or diagnostic information on it at all, other than it doesn't shift. Taking it into a professional who can access the on-board diagnostics and do some preliminary manual checks would be what I recommend. It may simply be you have a lot of miles on it, and you never had the transmission serviced, which led to a failure in the transmission requiring replacement. I wish there was a magic bullet for you to use, but there isn't.