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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hard Case Book 8: Kingdom of Hell released today with Bonus Novel

My new novel, Hard Case Book 8: Kingdom of Hell was released on Kindle today by RJ Parker Publishing. It's another politically incorrect violent excursion by John Harding's Monster Squad and Nick McCarty's Unholy Trio. They take on Isis, The Muslim Brotherhood, Drug Cartels, and BLM gangsters, culminating in Harding's UFC Championship bout on New Year's Eve. Bonus Novel, Cold Blooded Book 1, included.

The Monster Squad bring in Nick McCarty’s Unholy Trio once again with Cleaner Cala to stop the Muslim Brotherhood and Isis plans for armed training compounds on American soil, funded by billionaire foreign sources. In the mix, Black Lives Matter thugs attempt a takeover of the Monster Squad’s home base, Oakland, CA, including an assassination trap targeting the Blue. Serial Killers, Drug Cartel kidnappings, and the UFC Heavyweight Championship all loom ahead in a Halloween to New Year’s Eve bash, pitting the forces of evil in the world against the premier killing crews of all time. All with Bonus Novel featuring Nick McCarty’s beginning in Cold Blooded Assassin – Book 1.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Gonna get back to reading a little DeLeo in the new year