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Monday, April 13, 2015

Preview of Demon IV: Darkness Rules

I finished Demon IV: Darkness Rules last night. It's well over 92K words, and a nonstop action packed, and humor filled chapter with the Demon Inc teens taking on new threats from the Haunt dimension. Here's the cover preview, being finished by my Grandson Colin, and the blurb for the novel. I'm editing it now, and working on Cold Blooded IV: Bloody Shadows which is at 55K words, and on schedule for a late May release.


A break in the Haunt incursions worries the Demon Inc crew. Since invading the Haunt dimension, no sign of the dreaded monsters shows up on their early warning system. Demon also discovers Mike’s been hiding new powers from a Haunt wound suffered during their invasion of the Haunt dimension.

Mike gained strength, and mind control to the point he can make others hear Demon. Hilarity ensues as the sarcastic Demon teams with his paranormal pal, converted Haunt Mongo George, to turn the Demon Inc headquarters and crew inside out.

Danger returns as the teens uncover a Haunt plot with changed tactics. Their dimension, imploding due to Demon Inc’s last assault, forces the monsters into drawing evil spirits on earth into their human dimension takeover.

Demon munches Bad Caspers as the crew calls the evil spirits just as easily as he does Haunts. Teamed with an amped up Mike Rawlins and the Demon Inc teens, the Haunts find out what hell on earth really means.


Bookwormin said...

How much longer till release for demon? a week or two? I'm stoked!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Within the next week, and I'll be linking it here, and on the fan page at

Thanks, Book. If you liked the first three, you will laugh your butt off reading Darkness Rules. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm going to have to get started on this series. one of your few series I haven't read yet.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

It has a lot of laughs, Charles. I think you may have read parts of Demon on the blog. I'll have to say, Darkness Rules is the funniest one I've ever written.