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Monday, April 27, 2015

Cold Blooded IV: Bloody Shadows - Coming Soon

I received a few e-mails all of a sudden, concerning Cold Blooded IV: Bloody Shadows. The readers thought it was coming out at the same time as Demon IV: Darkness Rules. The confusion was probably my fault for saying I was working on them at the same time. That part was true, but it was always my intention to finish Darkness Rules first. I answered the e-mails. Bloody Shadows is coming along very well, and so is the futuristic Nick and Jean bonus story. I have 78,000 words done in Bloody Shadows, and nearly 2,000 in the bonus Nick and Jean short story. Bloody Shadows will be released at the end of May as promised. Here’s a small part of what’s happening in Cold Blooded land.

Some of Nick’s team-up work with other agencies, and even his local policeman contact with the Pacific Grove force begins to unravel his low key quirky endeavors. Sergeant Dickerson makes the mistake of enlisting Nick’s take on a group of muggers preying on older tourists enjoying the rocky coastal scenes after dark. Unwittingly enlisting the aid of a killer instead of a knowledgeable novelist, Dickerson discovers his mugger problem ended overnight when the bodies of three gangbangers known for violent deeds are found strewn along the shoreline near their hunting grounds.
Nick’s collaboration agreement with the US Marshals also nearly ends in tragedy when they neglect to warn him about a traitor at Los Alamos he turned up for them blackmailing the Justice Department. Forces behind the scenes begin gathering to either recruit one of the most cold blooded killers in the land, or kill him and his family. They find out in terrifying terms when you go after the Terminator, you had better get him with the first strike. Because after you miss, he plays hard ball without mercy, and without hesitation.
Yep, Bloody Shadows will be finished in late May along with a very violent and funny bonus story, featuring Nick’s whole crew in the future. :)

Here's one of the covers Colin and I have worked on:


raine said...

Yeah, you never know what those novelists might do... ;)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

That's right, Raine. Nick's a novelist not likely to get bad reviews more than once. :)