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Friday, January 9, 2015

LAYLA - Second Edition

Because of a host of reasons having to do with what I am finalizing in a living trust for my kids, I am putting all of my novels under my partner’s banner: RJ Parker Publishing, Inc. RJ and I are friends, and since starting this, we’ve worked together without contracts or anything in formal writing. My wife passing away so suddenly has left me with decisions to be completed, making certain my estate transfers to my kids smoothly. I am shifting my other five novels under my name, we haven’t had time to fool with, under the banner. Then we can get legal papers made up in the event of my passing.
The first of my novels to be switched over is LAYLA with a new cover, and an added bonus ‘what if’ story at the end. It is a second edition, of course, but I wanted to make certain as I convert each one over to RJ Parker Publishing, Inc. that our readers don’t think we’re pulling a stunt. Here is the blurb, and link for the second edition of LAYLA for RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.
Cole Warren finds a paranormal answer for his problems at ABC Auto Repair - a Djinn named Layla. Cole embarks on an adventure where he and the beautiful Djinn gather a new crew for Cole's ABC Repair Shop: a Werewolf, Wraith, Witch, and of course, Layla. Together, they face down all manner of mythical monsters, while practicing ABC's main purpose: auto and truck repair.


Charles Gramlich said...

Haven't read this one.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

You may have read it right on my blog, Charles. I believe I remember you commenting. I used my own auto shop as a ABC Auto with Layla as a service manager after Cole frees her from the lamp. :) I still picture her as my service manager when I get a difficult customer in. :)

raine said...

I remember Layla, lol.
Best of luck in the new endeavor, Bernard.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Once I get all the novels in one place, I'll be able to make it easier on my kids, Raine. I loved writing Layla on the blog. :)