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Saturday, August 30, 2014

STORM on Amazon Countdown

Amazon has my YA Paranormal novel Storm on the countdown. It's only 99 cents this weekend. It is set in my hometown of Warren, Ohio, where five teens have disappeared from the Perkins Park area. The FBI has been called in with a rather unlikely teen infiltrator to help find out what happened: Storm. Horror, action, and of course humor, all mixed in with computer hacking and witchcraft. :)



Charles Gramlich said...

Shared it on my page on facebook

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thank you, my friend!

raine said...

Ah, another one I remember.
And, of course, that sort of thing happens in Ohio all the time... :)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Raine. Yep, even in Ohio. :)