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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Release and New Writing

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book III: Into the Darkness will soon be released. I visited a few of Rick’s locales on a trip to San Diego and Oceanside. The Nite Owl bar I visited back in 1971 when the ship I was stationed on, the USS Ranger, did a shake-down cruise to San Diego seemed vaguely familiar to me over forty years later. The bar became a backdrop for scenes in my Rick Cantelli novels. I met the bar owner this trip. Dave’s family owned the bar for the last couple decades. The Nite Owl is a great bar, and it is just as I described it in the novels. I promised to send Dave glossy covers of all three novels, along with signed copies. Having my kids and wife there with me bordered on the surreal, but we had a great time. We added a drive to Rick’s street along with the beach house locale I use as Rick and Lo’s business recreational property where they host some office gatherings. Naturally a trip to the marina where they have their boat also spiced up this journey to Cantelli-land… not always a place of darkness and shadow.  :)
On the new writing front, I have over 10,000 words done in my new novel. It is another pulp fiction look at my Nick McCarty writer/assassin. Cold Blooded Book III: Sins and Sanctions is underway with a few humorous and deadly twists, as Nick’s quirky persona opens a new gateway even his CIA contact he contracts for didn’t count on. With his partner Gus trying to anchor him down, it’s another dangerous and violent excursion for Nick’s crew.


raine said...

How cool! To walk the paths you created for your own characters, lol!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

And drink in their paths this time, Raine. :) We're hoping for a nice release on August 15th. The surprises in Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book III: Into the Darkness actually begin at The Nite Owl bar. :)