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Friday, May 9, 2014

May/June BTS E-mag and Writing News

The new bimonthly Book Trailers Showcase E-mag is again out with ads, reviews, stories, columns, interviews - everything you could hope for in publishing and reading, all in one on-line magazine. Check out the book reviews in particular. They cover all genres. The links inside make it a snap to take a look at anything that interests you. My series ads are in there of course. :) This May/June issue does not disappoint on any level. 

In writing news, I finished final edits for Cold Blooded Book II:Killer Moves. It will be on time in paperback, Kindle format, and audio. May 24th as I’ve covered in prior posts is the release date, but it’s for sale now on pre-order. Thanks to Word 2013, my overused word list got a workout I did not expect. Editing is a humbling experience. When a writer thinks everything is as tight as can be, that’s when the final Kindle book read through turns the world upside down. Thank goodness for being able to put the file on my Kindle Fire for the final reading, so I can humbly do my word by word last edit, and correct another fifty things I missed after a solid week of editing.
I’ve started Rick Cantelli P.I. Book III. The first 4k words were a snap before editing on Killer Moves took up every waking moment. I get to write more in the new novel exclusively now. Rick and Lo take on a CIA consulting gig which nearly ends them to start the book, but my private detective geezers have nothing to lose. That makes them hell-a-dangerous. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

You are a juggernaut, man.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thank you. I blame the voices in my head, Charles. :)

raine said...

Editing is a humbling experience.

But sounds like you've got the hang of it (I haven't tried editing from my Kindle...sounds intimidating...). :/

justin groene said...

Bernard can't wait for cold blooded II and the next rick cantelli novels. I have about a dozen other deputies in my dept hooked on your books. Keep em coming

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

With the highlighting and bookmarking features, the notes on everything found in the final Kindle read through can be easily accessed, Raine. It is a wonderful tool. Using the find feature in Word 2013 then allows instant positioning in the manuscript from the Kindle notes.

It doesn't matter what we do, Raine. Readers will find something to point out anyway. I just received a grammar update from a reader of Demon, my YA novel, who found I used 'have went' instead of 'have gone' once in the 78k word novel. :) She liked the story though.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Justin! That is great news. I hope you enjoy the new Cold Blooded II. Nick makes a connection with his local law enforcement in Pacific Grove where he lives. I left a thread in there for CB3 where Sergeant Dickerson kids Nick about becoming Pacific Grove PD's 'Castle'. :)

Richard Thorpe said...

Hello Bernard,
I'm a third of the way through Cold Blooded II and I like it a lot. I can’t wait for Jean’s character to evolve in later books. The ‘genius IQ’ comment combined with the promised training just bleeds ultra-computer hacker and female Jason Borne type operator.
But can we have a little more Peace please? I love the characters those people have a lot more stories to tell I’m sure!
Rich Thorpe

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thank you, Rich! I'm glad you noticed about Jean. I have a couple of stories in mind set in the future. I've promised Rick Cantelli, Book III: Into The Darkness for August, followed by Hard Case Book V, and then a third book in the Cold Blooded series.

I wish I could promise more on Peace. I'm in the process of taking my five older books back from AuthorHouse, including Peace. I'll have to give that some thought. Thanks again for your support.