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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cold Blooded Special

COLD BLOODED, the first of my Nick McCarty Assassin/Writer novels is on Amazon’s Countdown special for 99 cents, just in time for the release of COLD BLOODED II: KILLERMOVES tomorrow. It's a chance to see into the character of a cold blooded killer, who decides he wants something more - and along comes Rachel, her daughter Jean, and Deke the dog to turn Nick McCarty's world upside down. The killers after them think it's an easy day in the park. Unfortunately for the killers, Nick's adopted their targets, and he's up to the mark on any day.  :)

In COLD BLOODED II: KILLER MOVES, Nick McCarty comes out of retirement at the urging of his partner, Gus Nason. The wheels fall off the McCarty assassin wagon when after a difficult hit overseas, he looks into a teacher’s problematic family troubles at the urging of his step-daughter, Jean. In no time at all, the bodies are piling up, and the tendrils threatening both Nick’s family, along with his bestselling author status spread at record speed. A stone-cold killer with family and friends is a dangerous business. He has no remorse, and no qualms about what he's good at. He writes well, but he kills with even more proficiency. As his partner Gus often says, 'you are a very bad man'. He is indeed. Nick’s family and friends hold on tight for yet another McCarty journey into darkness.

Another of my novels is being featured in the Amazon Countdown special for $1.99  today along with COLD BLOODED. Titled ARCHANGEL – it is a political satire blended into a paranormal world of today. I tired of watching movies and TV shows where the devil and demons win, and the angels are weak clueless cannon fodder for rampaging evil. I decided to have some fun with the most powerful character I’ve ever written: Abaddon, the Archangel of the Abyss. This novel is not for the easily offended, because ARCHANGEL is most assuredly politically incorrect. It blends a lot of humor with deadly demon confrontations in a unique battle to regain the balance between good and evil.

When the Lord looks down one day upon the earth and decides he’s had enough of turning the other cheek to his prodigal son, Lucifer, he sends the Archangel Raphael to put Lucifer in his place. After Raphael gets his butt kicked and held for extortion, what does the Lord do then? He plays hardball.

From the darkest realm of reality, the Lord asks the Archangels Michael and Gabriel to bring back his Avatar from exile: Abaddon, the dreaded Archangel of the Abyss. Forged by an angry God to stop the rampaging Lucifer from decimating Heaven’s host, the black winged Angel of the Abyss did all he was created for, and more. Banished by God’s hand before Abaddon could obliterate Lucifer completely, the Lord’s Avatar passed the eons stoically, enduring without complaint, his only companionship the unsanctioned visits from his Archangel brothers. Raphael was Abaddon’s favorite. Reunited with the Lord, Abaddon is given a mission: save Raphael, find two tortured nuns who hold the key to exorcising demon kind from human hosts, return the balance between good and evil, and punish Lucifer. The grim Abaddon had four words for his Lord: “I can do that.”

Saved from brutal captivity, Sister Mary Catherine and Sister Angelina begin their journey beside the Seraphim of Heaven with both pure and impure motives. The Archangel of the Abyss makes the two nuns one promise: no force on Earth will ever hold them captive again. Desired captivity would be another matter.


Charles Gramlich said...

Well worth it. And more. I preordered #2

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, brother. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I hope the humor comes through, and you get a few laughs along with the action. :)

raine said...

The special is a great idea.
And wishing you lotsa sales with the new release, Bernard!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I've never been a big fan of sales, Raine, but they do expand the reader base. For an ongoing series, they seem to be a legitimate marketing tool. Thank you. Cold Blooded II: Killer Moves did very well on release day. I'm hoping it keeps picking up steam. :)