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Saturday, October 19, 2013

HARD CASE III: Voyage of the Damned

Voyage of the Damned, Book 3 in the John Harding series, released today, with the paperback available tomorrow. The sequel to Rick Cantelli, P.I. is on track for Christmas. I passed the 41,000 word mark last night. I've learned if an author wants to maintain sales, the new product has to keep coming. The days where an author could write a few books, hit the big time, and relax are in the past.  :)  I don't mind. My head's full of voices anyway, and I love writing stories. This new one is 103,000 words in length, so it's a little longer than the first two in the series. My partner, RJ Parker thinks it's the best yet. I do too, but we're prejudiced.  :)


Here's the blurb for it:

John Harding’s Murderer’s Row uncovers a name while on a standard protection gig. Soon, they’re plunging into a South American jungle stronghold on a snatch and grab rescue. Under Lynn Montoya’s knife, they learn the kingpin financier’s identity spreading chaos around the world.

Harding and his crew race from one locale to the next, one step ahead of a brutal financial puppet master’s plans to wipe them out even after his death. In addition to his ongoing missions, Harding has agreed to fight a behemoth nicknamed ‘The Destroyer' in the converted Oakland warehouse with rigged judges. Throw in a little show business consultation, and John has his hands full with the usual: violence, America’s safety, love, and of course humor.

Another bit of good news is my friends at Book Trailers Showcase will be including me in a feature for November 2013's edition. I'll be discussing my DEMON new adult series.

Here is October's issue, which was a real smash hit, covering many reviews and new books. I also had four full page ads going because they are the best for affordable marketing. Have a look:

Book Trailers Showcase E-mag, October 2013


Vesper said...

Congratulations, Bernard! Godspeed!

I've read the first few pages on Amazon and they're great! Very powerful.

The blurb is also very enticing!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, V. It's starting out very well. Since Hard Case I & II sold over 5,000 copies each, we're hoping the fans of John Harding return for the third go around. :) I don't think it will disappoint them.