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Monday, March 11, 2013

Rick's Back... Again.

Over the weekend, another humorous Rick Cantelli, P.I. tale took me over on Sunday and I churned out a very funny nearly 4,000 word part 6. I guess I’m enjoying these two because I can make them as funny as I want, and still put them in danger. Naturally, in hanging around the beginning of their seventh decade, they don’t scare at all. Here’s the link to where my new story can be found:  Rick Cantelli P.I. Part 6
Here’s the blurb for their latest adventure.
Rick and Lois go out on a bond retrieval together with the usual hilarious interaction. The lady of the night wanted for an aggravated assault warrant in LA gives up quietly. Her companion, the brother consigliore of an Eastern mob boss, takes exception to losing his companion’s company. He mistakenly thinks Lois cares.
Yep. I am under the Rick and Lois spell. I plan to make ‘Madigan and Cantelli Security and Investigations’ a well known name if I can. The best part of self publishing is I can release this series of short stories in a novel form when I get up around the 90,000 word range, and I won’t have to answer to anyone. No one will be e-mailing me that I can’t do this or you’ll have to change this scene, or that’s too episodic. I don’t even think about agents, publishers, or what they think the market is screaming for. When Wild Child Publishing e-mailed me trying to find out what I was doing to increase sales for COLD BLOODED because it was spiking suddenly, while taking 60 percent of the profits for doing nothing - that was the last lesson. Yeah, the novels have begun selling nicely for now, but as my writing friends know, this is a brutally inconsistent business. I have my publishing release schedule in mind. DEMON AT WAR, the third part in my YA trilogy will be out May 1st. The sequel to HARD CASE will be out by July 1st called THE LURE OF HELL. I’m figuring my Cantelli Tales with Rick and Lois will be novel length by Sept 1st.
No more query letters, no more haunting agents sites for crumbs, and definitely no more no help publishers. They saw ‘Fifty Shades’ of sexual deviancy strike gold, and now they’re deluging the market with a million shades of the same thing. Good luck to them. I think I’ll just keep laughing along with Rick and Lois in my head, while telling tales.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Good news on the sales front. Hope it continues!

Vesper said...

Way to go, Bernard! And congratulations on the sales. You are working so hard on that - I'm very glad it starts paying off.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Me too, Charles. I wish I knew if any gain is solid in this business. :)

Thanks, V. I'll tell you one thing, I'm having fun writing my way into it, wherever the heck it goes. :)