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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Cantelli Tale

My favorite private detective character, Rick Cantelli, and his partner Lois haunted me for a couple days until I wrote up their latest 4,500 word adventure and published it through Triond at AuthSpot yesterday. It’s a bit darker story for the two, but when Lois’s daughter Kim brokers a real estate deal up north with the wrong people, Lois drags Rick and husband Frank up there to set things right.      RICKCANTELLI, P.I. – Part 7

These two never allow writer’s block to form. The second I pause in writing my new HARD CASE sequel, Rick and Lois yammer for another long short story. It gets crowded in my head for a time while I give in to their demands.  :)  My friend and marketing partner, best selling True Crime Author RJ Parker wrote a very interesting blog on one star hit pieces. He’s also developing widgets for sales and recognition that are very neat.   Author RJ Parker


Charles Gramlich said...

Sound like your head is a fun place to be, although perhaps a bit on the crazy side!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Guilty as charged, Charles. :)

Vesper said...

It's really great, Bernard, how you can keep all these stories in your head and, more than that, how they can take turns at surfacing so easily!
Congrats! :-)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

As Charles pointed out, V... it's a little on the crazy side in my head. :) Thank you.