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Saturday, December 8, 2012

DEMON Screenplay

I finished the screenplay for DEMON, based on the first book in my completed YA trilogy. It turned out to be 110 pages/minutes. I believe it’s really good. Of course I thought my HARDCASE screenplay was really good too, and I haven’t heard back from anyone on that. I’m looking into listing it on that screenplay site called InkTip. If DEMON the screenplay got picked up, I have at least another four or five movies to be done off the rest of the material. I’m starting on the sequel for DEMON as soon as I finish editing the first one. I have to come up with an excellent logline for it too. I’m going with the one below for now, and the short synopsis under it.
Screen Play Logline - A paranormal mutt from another dimension saves a group of teens one Halloween night, and nothing is ever the same again.
Mike Rawlins stops to help some older teens get their car started. Roped into a Halloween antic at a haunted house he had a bad experience at once, Mike only agrees to go if they get salt and holy water as a precaution. The night ends with a ghastly apparition penning the teens into Rawlins’ protective circle. Running out of time and options, the group owes their rescue to a mangy looking cur that dives into the haunted house and easily drives away the poltergeist. Mike names the dog Demon, and insists on walking him back home to keep him. One of the teen girls, Laura, joins him as the others leave them with beer and sandwiches for the happy Demon.

Demon’s instincts, perceptive behavior, and continuing surprises make him into an indispensible part of the Rawlins’ family. He loves watching Brian on ‘Family Guy’, eats ghosts like Rice Krispies, and is a holy terror when his friends are in danger.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've only read one screenplay in my life, for Casablanca. I wish you good luck.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Charles. I'll at least be able to say I gave this screenplay stuff a good shot. :)