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Monday, December 17, 2012

Audio Books

Audio books have started to take off in a big way. They are not inexpensive to produce, so the writer or publisher has to be very careful what is selected for converting into an audio book. Two keys I believe enhance this format for making a long commute, vacation travel, or eye problems less daunting – richness or bluntness in language where either the rhythm or gritty starkness of the novel captivate the listener. Naturally, the voice of the chosen reader must be an instrument which enhances the experience.
I’ve picked two examples for my post, one in fiction and one in non-fiction. I have read both, and know the authors: Charles Gramlich, and RJ Parker. Just click on their names to be taken to their Amazon Author Page.

Just recently, Charles Gramlich’s publisher picked his excellent science fiction/adventure trilogy Swords of Talera, Wings Over Talera, and Witch of Talera to convert into audio books. I believe I know why. Not since I read Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mar’s series as a kid have I found anything comparable. The richness of language in these three books would turn a hum-drum commute, or long travel into an audio/literary treat, making the time pass so quickly as to hope the novel ends before the trip. If you love literary adventure fiction, and want to try out an audio experience, the ‘Talera’ trilogy would be my recommended medium.

RJ Parker, Winner of the World Book Awards 2012 for Unsolved Serial Killings and Women Who Kill, has all of his serial killer series in audio format. The starkness of subject matter, non-fiction grittiness of true crime, and a blunt outlook on the mayhem make these audio ventures a definite plus as a traveling companion. The added bonus of this spell binding series is the follow up on each case. RJ Parker pulls no punches on his evaluation of the hit and miss law enforcement angle arrayed against these monsters who prey on others.

Because this audio book chapter in publishing is really hitting its stride, I thought this would be a good time to mention it, since I am very familiar with these two authors and their works. They provide a clear illustration of why this relative newcomer into the publishing and marketing world is here to stay.


Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm excited to have the Talera books out in that format. I've listened to quite a few books on my kindle and it certainly has its place. Long commutes are perfect for this kind of thing.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I have relatives with eye problems too, Charles. They love the audio books. The Talera books in that medium will be super.

Author RJ Parker said...

Good blog Bennie. It seems audio is really taking off and it is become a digital world all around. I've spoken with several people who purchase audiobooks and have learned their reasoning: commuting to and from work, school etc., on subways, buses and the like. Also, many people listen to books when they are in the gym or spa. The best thing about it is whispersync as they can switch between listening and reading. Either will pick right back up from where they bookmarked it. I don't mind telling you and your followers that my audiobook sales average 300 units per month. I've gone as high as 500 and never lower than 250 per month. Yes it's expensive to produce and many authors do a royalty split with the narrator if they have limited cash flow .. I don't recommend this. If you don't have the money finance the first one and pay for production of your other books from your royalties. I broke even after 16 weeks so now for the rest of my life and my kids, our royalties are ours. I've learned a lot this year as a self pubbed author and have helped 22 others do the same. I charge nothing but ask to pay it forward so if anyone wants to ever pick my brain, feel free to contact me. God Bless brother and have a safe a Happy Christmas, RJ

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Great info, RJ! Thanks, brother. Merry Christmas!