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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I finally have LANCELOT rights back with a new cover from my friend, William Cook. I signed it up in Kindle Direct Publishing so Amazon Prime members get it for free, and it remains exclusive to Amazon under their terms. I also returned the manuscript to the way it was when I wrote it before adding the erotic touch to it for publishing with Carnal Desires Publishing. I thought I needed a real publishing credit, but it didn’t help much, even in tandem with COLD BLOODED being published by Wild Child Publishing. Anyway, here’s the short marketing blurb I’m using.

Ever wonder what would happen in a paranormal world if instead of dying, Lancelot buried his King after the disastrous battle with Modred at Camlann, and then accepted a thousand year quest of redemption to make things right with his friend? One thing’s for sure, Lancelot vows the legend will be much different this time around. In a mystical future coveted by shape-shifters, demons, vampires, and mages, King Arthur’s First Knight demonstrates to all what a millennium of a warrior’s life forges in the deadliest knight who ever lived. They find out quickly Lancelot will remake the legend with them or over their corpses.

And the longer blurb for Amazon:

Lancelot entombs his King after the final battle at Camlann. He returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, Vivian, his mentor and lover. Given a mission to live on until Arthur returns in the future, Lancelot battles his way through the centuries in many guises. Finally drawn together with a familiar cast, Lancelot faces the dawning of a new Camelot he vows will have a different outcome.
Vivian curses all when Merlin restores her memories a thousand years in the future. Born again and having made what she now considers an idiotic bargain in rejoining Lancelot at the cost of heaven , Vivian reluctantly bows to her fate. Lancelot gives her ardent solace while fighting to rewrite legend in order to regain a friend in Arthur. In rejecting the Arthurian script, Lancelot renews old friendships and faces an ancient demon, hell bent on capturing Excalibur while plunging the earth into chaos. Lancelot wins Vivian’s trust and love again, changing her from an inconsolable burden into a fearsome ally for his final quest.
For his part, the now reborn Arthur in an eight-year-old boy’s body has this to say about his role in a thousand year old legend: “You three need to lighten up. I have a genius IQ, and now I’m teamed up with an Alzheimer patient, a troll, and a beat-up hooker, all of whom screwed me a thousand years ago. Cut me some slack!”


Charles Gramlich said...

AS I remarked when I reviewed it, I didn't think the erotic elements added to the story really. Glad to see you get it back to its original form. Great action/adventure for sure.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

It's great to have it back the way I originally wrote it, Charles. Like you, I read Stacia Kane's blog about writing erotica, and decided to give it a shot because I couldn't get any interest in it after sending Lancelot out on the query trail for a very long time. It sold on the second query as erotica, and the woman editor had me add two extra scenes. The publishing contract never did garner me anything as a publishing credit, so except for a few bucks, it's bothered me ever since, because of the erotica additions, the pen-name, and that awful cover. Thanks for reviewing it back then, my friend.