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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

STORM Book Trailer

Here's my new book trailer for STORM. With what I'm seeing around the publishing world we're going to need all the gizmo stuff we can get to sell anything.  :)


raine said...

My computer still won't play the videos. :(
May have to hit the library soon to check them out.
But hope they're helping sales, Bernard!

BernardL said...

Don't worry about it, Raine. I remember you mentioning your slow connection. I hope something helps with sales and name recognition. The Book Trailer Showcase has a unique idea, but who knows if any actual customer/reader traffic will flow in large numbers through their site. Most on-line promotional sites end up being populated mostly with other authors desperately looking for the same thing - name recognition. We won't have any chance of scoring if we don't play the game though. Putting up book trailers seems more natural to me than hounding every known site like some kind of parasitic bug, hawking my wares like a carnival barker, and annoying the crap out of people. :)