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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

China To The Rescue

This article was too funny to pass up. The Daily Mail out of the UK issued praise for China’s sulfurous spew from coal burning expansion as a reason the earth has been cooling Sulfur. When we burn coal or even mine coal here in the USA every Al Goreacle acolyte on the planet screams in fury, but Red China coal is good coal and a planet saving miracle. It’s no wonder the reporter’s name in this article isn’t even listed. I’ve always liked the UK’s Daily Mail but I’m wondering if maybe China owns some shares of Daily Mail stock. I have to assume China has figured out a new lobbying scheme to cover the visible clouds of literal poison billowing out from their continent. Unlike the USA where strict laws prohibit unfiltered emissions, China’s spew even reaches as far as Los Angeles. But of course since they own the debt of every nation on earth, it ain’t likely anyone in the media will ever get on a crusade to out China’s ‘developing nation’ con as they pollute to their heart’s content. The logical conclusion one would reach from this ridiculous article is Chinese pollution is rescuing earth from the dreaded imaginary global warming threat. The next announcement will be China selling the spew as pollution credits. The comments section on this article is hilarious. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

There's folks know where their bread is buttered, I guess. And they don't care if the rest of us are eating smog.

BernardL said...

That was the goofiest environmental news I've seen in a while, Charles. You're right. They don't care.