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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Islamist Reminder

When we read media stories about our evil empire here in the USA it would be prudent to remember just how evil our enemies truly are. Terrorist followers of the Religion of Submission have murdered and maimed more of their brethren than we have in over a decade of war against the Islamists. There were so many incidents of mayhem throughout the world visited upon the human race by the Islamist blasphemers of humanity it was a challenge to pick just one illustrating my point. I picked this story of an 8 year old little girl kidnapped by mongrel Islamist dogs from her home in Peshawar Monsters. They strapped a bomb vest on her and sent the little girl toward a small town’s security checkpoint manned by their own countrymen.

No other faction of monsters exist on earth doing this type of blasphemy. They may claim to be at war against Western Civilization, but in actuality these medieval cretins are simply at war with sanity and logic. No God guides their hand. They are guided by dogma and indoctrination to exterminate not only the people on earth who don’t belong to their religion, but also all those belonging to their religion who aren’t as devoid of humanity as they are. That these cowardly freaks of nature will make human bombs from their own children speaks of a subhuman mutant group beyond redemption or forgiveness.


Charles Gramlich said...

To do that to a little 8 year girl is certainly one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of.

BernardL said...

It rivaled the Palestinian suicide bombing school for kids story, Charles. That's for sure. Simply monstrous.