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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ice Age Cometh

James Delingpole’s new column on the coming ice age hilariously recounts ten positive notes to consider as the temperature drops - Ice. Scientists, reluctantly I’m sure, admitted the Sun’s sunspot activity reached its zenith and appears headed into a dormant period which will lead to even cooler temperatures than earth has already been experiencing lately. The worst part of this news for Holy Global Warmists is that if the Sun’s decreased sunspot activity can drop worldwide temps within the decade on an immediate basis, it puts the lie to all the shysters stealing money hand over fist from the world’s populace to tilt at the windmill of ‘Climate Crisis’. How can man be so much to blame for temperature rises on the planet when even a brief change in Sun activity turns the whole theory on its head? The answer is of course that manmade global warming is and has always been a hoax. Clearheaded scientists pointed all this out at the beginning of the massive con job, illustrating the lie using other planets in our solar system. These other planets warmed in spite of not being polluted by mankind. I wonder if as earth and all planets in our solar system now begin immediately to cool whether the obvious conclusion will finally stop the global warming gravy train.

I love Delingpole’s suggestion we feed the starving polar bears ice skating down on the growing ice sheet from the North Pole all the Holy Global Warming hucksters. I nominate the chief huckster as their first tasty treat: The Goracle.  :)


Vesper said...

This world is so crazy, Bernard, or rather the people in it...
Reminds me once more that we seldom put things into (the real) perspective.
I love your post! :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

I wouldn't hold your breath on the "cooling" phase. I'm getting pretty skeptical, not of the science, but of the media hype surrounding all this climate stuff. Most of the people writing these articles don't know the science at all.

BernardL said...

It is indeed, Vesper. Thank you. :)

The ones who know man's influence on anything in nature is a spec of nothing compared to the sun's do know science very well, Charles... and common sense. :)