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Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Vegas

The top picture is of the Encore from ground level. The second picture is of the famous carving in the Riviera building and the third is of course the Stratosphere.

My morning gambling excursion ended in a rather funny incident at the Encore. First though, I must write of the morning weather repeating Thursday’s clear, fresh coldness on my hike to the Stratosphere. I stopped in at the Riviera and Sahara on the way to check them out. Their ventilation is much improved and I liked the interiors much more than I remembered. At the Stratosphere where I figured to donate back part of my winnings from Thursday, my mission didn’t go the way I had planned. I actually came out ten bucks ahead again when I had to leave. I meet my wife for lunch everyday during her seminar break. She wants to make sure I’m not hanging out in the topless pool/bar area at the Encore. I would have too, but it’s been a bit chilly for swimmers, especially topless ones. My clothing for these hiking journeys is strictly rube fare – jeans, sleeveless black t-shirt, Irish Setter hiking boots, and of course my small backpack.

I arrived at the end of my journey near Encore’s beautiful entryway in the rear and was accosted by a very nice young man greeting the limousine arrivals. He was all smiles, perfect demeanor, and polite can I be of service look. My attire tripped his extrasensory perception Rube Alert. I may be up to no good, due to the fact I look like I just walked up from an Iowa cornfield. If I had his job, I’d have stopped me too. :)

“Hello, Sir, how are you today?” My sudden escort asks expansively, friendly as all get out.

“Very well, thanks,” I respond, noting he’s falling in alongside me.

“It is a beautiful morning, isn’t it? Are you a guest here, Sir?”

“Why yes, I am.” I prove it by digging my wallet out with the handsome red room key.

“Welcome back to the Encore, Sir. Have a great day.” He moves off with Rube Alert alarm reset.

“Thanks, I will.” It’s nice to belong. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

I wonder what would have happened if you hadn't been a guest?

BernardL said...

He would have directed me to another entrance. I was short-cutting through the fancier entryway where the limos were greeted. It went into the Encore through a very swank shop and provided access to a spot closer to the elevators. I went through the regular entryway near the registration desk the rest of the time without a greeter. :)

raine said...

Hard to get upset about it--he was so durn nice, lol. :)

Beth Partin said...

I don't know, Bernard--didn't you have the teensiest desire to trip him?

BernardL said...

He sure was, Raine. :)

Not at all, Beth, I admire people who do their work well. He has a thankless job and does it with a professional flare. :)