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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good News and a Migraine Illustration

I had to delete all of my blogs related to Cold Blooded. I apologize, but it had to be taken out of the public domain. I’ve signed a contract with Wild Child Publishing for the novel rights. I’m hoping to start work on their edits in the next couple months.

The second reason for my blog today is pertaining to the picture above. Although I have blogged in the past about how I have been able to relieve first my wife, and then relatives, friends, and customers of migraine headache pain, I have been asked to provide a picture which I have done above. Press in and slightly massage your thumbs in as the picture shows. Do so in very small movements until you feel the small lumps, or large ones. While working to disperse these lumps, the sufferer may state they feel a lifting sensation, or a change in the migraine pain. This means you are in the right spot. I know how weird it feels when these lumps disperse. You must massage the thumbs in until you break them up. With a really severe migraine, you may have to ease off and massage the victim’s shoulders for a couple minutes to relieve the stress before returning with your thumbs to the base of their skull. Unfortunately, as I have stated before: no pain, no gain. It works, folks, and without even an aspirin. If the sufferer has had the migraine for days, they might experience some slight discomfort until their minds come to grips with the fact they don’t hurt anymore. It’s called memory pain, and will recede quickly. If you have specific questions, just e-mail me. I'll be happy to answer them. Know this. It's not rocket science, and it's worked every single time I've done it, literally thousands of times over the last thirty years. It takes patience, and communication.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hey, congrats! That's really cool about the book. I'll look forward to it.

raine said...

Aaah...but the question is, can I get my cats to do it for me?? ;)

But never mind that...
Wooo-hooo, Bernard! That's fabulous news!!

Congratulations, I'm so HAPPY for you!!

Stephen Parrish said...

Thanks for the pic. And congratulations on the book deal.

Merry Monteleone said...

Stephen pointed me here for the picture - and thank you so much for that and the detailed instructions. He didn't say you'd sold a book!!!


Miladysa said...


I am really pleased for you Bernard! Congratulations :D

Thank you for the photograph - I will show it to my husband. I suffer terribly with migraines.

The aura is the killer for me though - do you have any tips there?

Vesper said...

WOW, Bernard!!! This is absolutely fantastic news!
I'm very, very, very happy for you!

Amie Stuart said...


BernardL said...

Thanks Charles for commenting on it while in production. :)

Unfortunately no, Raine, or those two useless hairballs we have could have been trained to do it. :) Thank you for commenting on Cold Blooded during the writing.

You're welcome, Stephen. I hope it works for you.

Thanks Merry. If you can get to your husband when the first symptoms hit, the migraine can be stopped in five minutes.

I know exactly what you mean, Miladysa. My wife would experience hallucinations so severe, with smell and lights, it would bring on violent nausea. The key to stopping them is at the first onset; but like you, my wife was always somewhere else, so it would take me fifteen to twenty minutes to fix her (her words). Thank you for commenting. :)

Thanks Vesper, I appreciated all your comments on Cold Blooded.

Thanks Amie. I haven't forgotten where I picked up the first flash for Cold Blooded. Something in what you mentioned in your post about adding human elements to a cold blooded killer seemed fascinating. I'll have to figure out a new place to put an idea dedication. I had no idea the contract would be so specific about public domain. Thank you.

Jordan Summers said...

YAY Bernard!!! I knew you could sell that piece. You are on a roll. I am so happy for you. :D

BernardL said...

Thanks, Jordan, first 'Lancelot', and now 'Cold Blooded', in the space of a couple months. I hope to give the editors what they want. The many editing and publishing tips on your blog helped considerably, especially the one about word length... my 150,000 to 200,000 word masterpieces were just not making the cut. :)

Beth Partin said...

Congrats on the book, Bernard! That's great news! Do you have a pub date yet?

I do the same kind of massage to my husband (who doesn't get migraines), but I do it with him lying down and my fingertips hooked under the base of his skull. He says it makes his legs tingle.

BernardL said...

That's the place, Beth, and the tingling is because of the nerve cluster right under your thumbs.

As to the publishing date, I sent in the signed contract today. The editor will be contacting me sometime in the next six to eight weeks. I know from reading writers' blogs, a publishing date is like the Holy Grail: it appears out of no where sometimes, and sometimes it never does. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Hey, just bounced from Raine's blog where I read the good news!!

Congrats, Bernard!! :-D

Barbara Martin said...

Congratulations on your book deal!! Well done.

BernardL said...

Thanks Vanessa, I appreciate the comment. :)

Thank you, Barbara, I'm looking forward to reading your newly accepted flash fiction: A Stash of Goods'.

Virginia Lady said...

Congrats! Woot! I'm thrilled for you!

BernardL said...

Thanks, VL, your following of Cold Blooded during production was much appreciated.