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Friday, November 14, 2008

Different Perspective

Let’s take a look at the story from my last post ‘Partners’ through the eyes of the children, as those poor perverted psychopaths who kidnapped them suffer an abrupt end to their endeavors at the hands of that vigilante police officer, Connor Bradwick. :)

The tears made tiny lines down the little girl’s dirt encrusted face, as she tried to still her trembling lip, and squeezed her eyes shut. She had to be brave Billie had told her until he could get help; but Crystal didn’t think she could be brave much longer. Zeke was really, really mad, and Bess threw her, Jimmy, and Bonnie on the bed, saying she’d kill them if Billie didn’t come back. Now, Zeke and Bess were screaming at each other… something about how they should have killed Billie a long time ago. Crystal felt Bonnie scoot closer; and without opening her eyes, she hugged Bonnie tighter. Jimmy put his arm around Crystal as they huddled in terror on the bed.

“Wha…what if Billie don’t come back?” Crystal asked Jimmy, finally squinting her eyes open slightly to peer up at her companion’s face. “Do you think they’ll kill us?”

“Billie’s coming back,” Jimmy whispered, keeping his eyes on the arguing Zeke and Bess. He knew when they stopped arguing, they’d be in trouble. “He can outrun Fred any day.”

“I…I want my Mommy…” Bonnie began to sob.

Jimmy quickly put a grimy hand over her mouth. “Shhhhhhh…. Bonnie… don’t cry. They’ll hear you. Bess’ll get the switch out.”

It was then they heard the camper door burst in against its latch. Four loud gunshots in rapid fire shattered the momentary silence, between when Bess and Zeke stopped shouting at each other, and Jimmy saw them turn toward the door. The boy watched in dread fascination as the bullets drove Zeke and Bess against the far wall, only to collapse like dancing rag dolls, as hell embraced them. A huge shadow edged into the light. Jimmy pulled at Crystal and Bonnie, trying to get them further into the corner where the bed butted up against the camper wall. Jimmy watched the big man come into view, his gun held out in front of him. It was a policeman. The stern faced man turned toward them and smiled, making a hushing gesture. The policeman searched around in the van, and then another shot startled the three kids. The policeman approached them slowly then, his hands making calming gestures. He knelt down next to the bed, without touching the children.

“Hi kids. My name’s Connor. Your friend Billie sent me. He said the monsters had you. I’m here to take you home.”

Bonnie, who had been staring wide eyed at Connor, burst into tears, and dove into Connor’s arms, her hands clasped tightly around his neck. Connor hugged the little girl back, reaching out with his free hand to pat Crystal’s hand, and squeeze Jimmy’s shoulder gently.

“Why don’t we all go outside, where we can meet up with Billie again. He’s real worried about you three.”

“Are…are they really gone?” Crystal asked, trying to see around Connor to where Zeke and Bess lay dead. “Mon…monsters can come back… and… and Fred’s still out there.”

Jimmy’s face twisted in fear, as Crystal reminded him of Zeke’s vicious younger brother. He clutched Connor’s arm, horrified Fred could surprise them at any moment. “We have to leave… we have to go now… Fred… he’ll…”

“Look at me, son,” Connor urged calmly, taking the boy’s hand in his. “I had the pleasure of making that particular monster extinct.”

“Really?” Jimmy stared hard at Connor doubtfully.

“Oh yeah,” Connor confirmed with a big grin. “We haven’t been introduced. You three know my name, but I don’t know any of yours.”

“I’m Bonnie,” the little girl on his arm stated, lifting away from Connor’s shoulder momentarily to smile at him.

“I’m Crystal,” the other little girl told Connor, and gestured at the boy. “This is Jimmy.”

“I have another arm for you Crystal, and Jimmy can climb aboard my back. I’ll ride you all out of this place in style,” Connor said, taking Crystal up in his free arm, and turning so Jimmy could hop on his back.

With all three children riding on arms and back, Connor carefully threaded his way through the camper door and out into the sunlight. He galloped a little, making the kids laugh as he transported them beyond the foliage at the overpass base. Connor knelt when they were in the open so Jimmy could get down. Jimmy yelped in delight, waving and dancing, as Connor put the two little girls on their feet, and a squad car with Billie waving from the window drove up and parked. Connor waited while Billie ran up.

“I told you… I told you I’d get help,” Billie said, as the other three kids swarmed him.

“Billie, you and your friends stay with my partner, Ellie,” Connor told the oldest boy, as Ellie hurried up next to the group.

“Watch the kids El, while I slip Dead Fred into the camper scene with his friends.”

Connor jogged to the patrol car; and a minute later, the younger children cried out. They saw Fred’s body draped over Connor’s shoulder as the policeman hurried past them. Ellie shushed the kids.

“Now don’t you pay no attention,” Ellie knelt down with the kids. “My partner needs to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

“Is Connor going to get into trouble?” Billie asked.

“I don’t know, and he don’t care, so we’ll see what we’ll see,” Ellie chuckled. “The important thing is all of you are going home.”

“Well, I didn’t see anything,” Billie smiled, and turned to the other children. “We didn’t see anything, did we?”

Ellie laughed as three little heads moved side to side in sync.

“I don’t want you kids worrying about stuff,” Ellie told them. “You all say whatever you want when the questions get asked. My partner and I can take care of ourselves.”

“I’ll tell them he killed the monsters,” Crystal said simply.

“He killed the monsters,” Billie repeated, nodding in agreement.

“He killed the monsters,” Jimmy signed onto the verbal pact quickly.

“Yep,” Bonnie added.

“Works for me,” Ellie said, standing as Connor approached.

Connor waved, as he went by, a big smile pasted on his face. “I’m calling it in, El. I was attacked in the camper, and barely made it out with my life. Unfortunately, there were casualties. How are you and my little buddies getting along?”

“Just fine,” Ellie answered.


At Highland hospital, the children refused to be separated. The nursing staff cleaned them up, while two pediatricians completed examinations into their general health. Two burly police officers guarded the door against unwanted visitors. They straightened hours later when Sergeant Donaldson approached them.

“Hey Mac,” Donaldson nodded at the older policeman at the door, “you and Ed here have any trouble today?”

“Not so far,” Mac answered. “A few reporters tried us on for size; but we expected company, what with it getting out over police ban.”

“What’s the story,” Ed asked in a hushed voice. “We heard Connor…”

“The investigation is ongoing,” Donaldson cut the officer off with an impatient gesture. “Don’t be screwin’ this up with rumors, Williams. I’m only here to meet the parents of the youngest child, Bonnie Demarco. They’re flying in from Carson City, Nevada. The other parents won’t be here until tomorrow morning. We found a shitload of stuff on a nationwide child pornography ring on the laptop one of those slimeballs had in the camper.”

Fifteen minutes later, as Donaldson filled in the other police officers on what they found where the children were rescued, a wild eyed couple rushed down the hall from the elevator. Donaldson stepped out to intercept them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Demarco?”

“Yes… where’s my baby?” The thin blonde woman demanded. “Is she okay… we…”

“Your daughter’s fine, Ma’am,” Donaldson said calmingly. “You two are the first to arrive, and the kids insisted on staying together. When you get in the room, please try to remember the other kids are waiting for their parents too. There are two nurses in with them, and my men here will make sure no one bothers you.”

“Oh… thank God,” the woman sobbed, trying to calm herself as the living nightmare would soon be over.

Donaldson moved aside.

“What about her kidnappers?” The husband asked, putting an arm around his wife, the haggard helplessness being replaced on his features by a look from the dawn of mankind.

“They were killed during the rescue,” Donaldson answered simply. “Please keep that to yourselves, as we try to keep a lid on this with the press.”

“Gladly,” the man shook Donaldson’s hand gratefully.

“We…we were afraid Bonnie would have to…to give some kind of testimony,” the wife said, opening the hospital room door almost fearfully.

“No Ma’am, the people who kidnapped your daughter are awaiting judgment elsewhere,” Donaldson replied, closing the door behind the couple.

“Where’s Connor, Boss?” Mac asked.

“I believe he and the redoubtable Officer James are celebrating today’s rare triumph of the law somewhere adult beverages are served.”

“Amen to that,” Mac said, leaning against the wall with a sigh.


Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely interesting, but I believe I preferred the story from the other perspective. More dynamic.

BernardL said...

Me too, Charles, but I was having a little fun with our society's overboard advocacy for criminal rights, even when they are caught red handed doing heinous acts. It has gotten to the point where we don't know where justice ends and insanity begins. Thanks for taking a look at the other side and commenting. I confess. I was beating the 'Straw Man' of criminal rights. :)

Virginia Lady said...

I agree, I liked the other viewpoint better. But this added an interesting take on the scene and revealed a few more heinous details regarding the monsters.

raine said...

The first version was more intriguing, yes.
But this was an interesting exercise, seeing the event from the victims' pov.
Good job.

BernardL said...

Thanks, VL, I hoped to add the horror, and show why I could paint Connor as having no remorse. Connor equated killing those three on a par with hunting down rabid dogs. :)

It was a satisfying exercise on a different level, Raine, thank you. :)

Miladysa said...


Connor is a hero :D

BernardL said...

I wish Connor and Ellie were patrolling East Oakland in reality, Miladysa. Thank you. :)

Vesper said...

So you felt the need to justify Connor’s actions by showing them through the eyes of the children. This is a good thing.

the people who kidnapped your daughter are awaiting judgment elsewhere - I hope they do, although they would’ve deserved to suffer thoroughly first on this Earth.

BernardL said...

I don't want people like my characters Fred, Zeke, and Bess on earth, Vesper. There's always a chance some idiot will let them loose again on a technicality.

I'm not sure if those perverted pieces of human debris caught in San Francisco are still living in prison; but I bet the families of the kids they took, still have to worry whether the day will come when they're released, if they are alive.

Fiction can be very satisfying. :) Thanks Vesper.