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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Castle Keep

The stories in the Naked City are thankfully mundane for the time being. A little fantasy seemed in order since the rains arrived today. :)

Walls, with sweat drenched stones, of the dank castle keep,

Veiled figure in misty darkness, bowing her head to weep,

Long held captive within crumbling barriers, cold and gray,

Months forever lost, since winged serpent swept her away.

Ripped far from her village in talons dripping bloody gore,

Screaming uselessly, as gusty winds struck to her very core.

Alone now with only vague memories of past life’s dreams,

Escape plots dying anew, with failed, ill-conceived schemes.

Creature returned, wresting her back within bastion bleak,

Murdering hope, while trumpeting from razor sharp beak.

Dawn breaks, to light dreary forests beneath demon’s nest,

Glinting upon something bobbing at far off vision’s crest.

Grasping with eager abandon, anything the boredom to kill,

With only berries and bits of wheat, with rainwater to swill.

Her hungry eyes devouring each glimpse of sparkling light,

She followed its journey, through the still forest until night.

When rattling cry heralded the nightly return of the beast,

Gliding quietly to rest, its rasping winged wetness ceased.

Still she stood upon the keep, enthralled by dancing glitter,

In fog clouded moonscape, the lost sighting made her bitter.

She sighed deeply with loss, her small dalliance now gone,

Huddling within some filthy straw, awaiting light of dawn.

Clasping hands together, she drifted into cold uneasy sleep,

Awakening to the demon’s screeching high above the keep.

Peering up cautiously at her captor, circling warily in flight,

Booming laughter echoed upwards through now waning night.

To castle keep’s wet outer wall she ran with terrifying need.

Sitting easily upon huge armor encased black shining steed,

Her heart leapt into her throat at the sight of helmeted giant.

No soft villager here, or virgin sacrifice, roped and suppliant,

The massive barbarian waved impatiently the serpent down,

Calling out for revenge, he swore upon his Father’s crown.

Dipping arrows within a smoking bag, meant only to maim,

He feathered the bleating monster with deadly accurate aim.

As the thing fluttered weakly to the ground, its captive sung.

Barbarian now heard her, as down from his steed he swung.

Shield strapped on bulging arm, and battle ax held tightly,

He stalked the flapping, snapping devil till it bled brightly.

Cursing it for his family’s death, he hacked it quickly apart.

In the soft morning rain, she called before he could depart.

Smiling gently, with blood washing down his beckoning arm,

The grim barbarian promised she would come to no harm.

She bound his wounds, using cloth from her tattered dress,

Finally in tears she shook, quieted only by calloused caress.

Upon great black steed, he carried her by his armored side,

There forever, in danger, or darkest journey, did she abide.


Jordan Summers said...

Bernard, I'm beginning to think that along with your book on your garage exploits, you should write poetry. :)

BernardL said...

Whenever I hit a snag in my story writing, I write poetry. It snaps me right out of the funk; but selling it? I'd have a better chance hitting the lottery. :) Hey, I wrote a poem on clutter a while back. I'll dig it out for the blog. I think you'll get a laugh out of it. Thanks, Jordan.

Tempest Knight said...

Love this! :)

BernardL said...

Thanks, Tempest, I'm glad you liked it.