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Friday, January 26, 2007

Old Cars & Comics

A guy in his twenties drove an old 1967 Mercury Cougar into my repair shop today for a check out. He and I had already discussed the drawbacks of having bought it in the first place. Just from what he had told me, I figured only a mechanic with a lot of time on his hands should have the car. It turned out I found a couple of simple fixes to get his headlights and ignition working correctly, but the Cougar was going to run into the thousands of dollars to actually rewire and fix all the things wrong. At least this guy wasn’t like a lot of young men, who come by with some project car, and think I ought to work on it for nothing, just for the pleasure of fixing an old beater. He’s going to take my advice and sell it before he dives headlong into the Cougar black hole. :)

My little buddy, who bought the Ghost Rider comic, was back today with his older brother and two other girls about the same age. The older brother bought a Flash comic and another Ghost Rider comic, while the younger brother picked up a seventy-five cent one. I had found a couple of free Ghost Rider posters to give them, and the girls simply took some free sample comics. The brothers were real happy with the posters, and the girls seemed like suspicious, but potential customers. I’ve been in this East Oakland neighborhood for over thirty years, so quite a few parents and grandparents know me. If I had a little more energy, I’d come back and open up just the comic shop on Saturday.

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