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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Release Day for Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 8: Red Ruin

My 8th addition to the Rick Cantelli P.I. Series has been released. Here’s the blurb for Red Ruin:
The wonderful celebrity cruise on the East Coast turns into a nightmarish voyage into the reaches of the Illuminati, where they believe Rick and Lo can be erased easily. Unfortunately for the sick society of New World Order elitists, they’ve overstepped their bounds this time. The Globalist NOW group learn quickly the two old geezers they thought to send into an early dirt nap, will not go quietly… or at all.

Ambushes, snipers, Illuminati assassins, and political miscreants all get into the mix as Cantelli-land moves offshore on a media circus from New Jersey’s Cape Liberty to Saint John, Canada. Finally reaching home after shipboard intrigue and successful negotiations for movie funding with a Halifax Investment Group, a host of foes thought to be heading for prison, obtain releases amidst California corruption. The Madigan/Cantelli enemies list grows longer… but only temporarily. Red Ruin, is a wild, politically incorrect Pulp Fiction ride, co-starring Kull the Barbarian pit bull, never far from the action. :)


Link - RickCantelli, P.I. Book 8: Red Ruin

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