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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Demon Book VII: Disciples of Darkness

RJ Parker Publishing released the new addition to my paranormal series Demon yesterday. Demon Book VII: Disciples of Darkness continues the adventures of Mike Rawlins, Demon, Mongo (Baby Groot) George, and Mike’s Demon Inc crew as they battle witches, Satanists, Sharia Law Mutants, gangsters, slime demons, and guard the dimensional portals. Violent, humorous, and politically incorrect as usual, Demon Inc defends the innocent against a world descending into darkness. If you’re a Demon fan, have a look. Thanks. 😊

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Charles Gramlich said...

Thumbs up

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Charles. The Demon series is the most fun for me in writing - no limits. :)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Mr. Richard Payne,

I have no idea who you are, nor does my publisher. I removed your vitriolic comment from my blog, because I do not allow anyone to do so. I have never called you or anyone else a fascist or a fool on the internet or in real life, nor have I told anyone to do an anatomically impossible act to themselves. I have words to express myself, rather than gibberish. I have no clue who attacked you on the internet, but it was not me. From the childish way you express yourself, it seems logical someone probably did, but again, that person was not me. My email is posted at the top of my blog. I answer everything I receive at that address. Feel free to contact me. Use your words rather than nonsensical accusations.