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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Release Day - Hard Case IX: Isle of Darkness

My new novel, Hard Case IX: Isle of Darkness, has been released. It is a violent, humorous, and politically incorrect addition to the series, with another teaming of John Harding and Nick McCarty. :)

Here's the blurb again: 

John Harding’s Monster Squad challenges the new MS-13 arrivals in Oakland with death and deportation. Nick McCarty takes a contract on Mexican pirates who killed a man’s son on Falcon Lake in Texas, while covering the hit with another book signing. Mehdi Al-Kazar wants revenge for the killing of Kalil Al-Kazar, whom Nick blew up in a Michigan grenade attack. Interlinking threads from Antifa/BLM thugs, both the Monster Squad and Unholy Trio tangle with, lead to a terrorist enabler they thought was in prison. He holds the key to getting both Mehdi Al-Kazar and the Isle of Darkness, where Cafrey Rothstein hosts and enables terrorist leaders on a modern-day sex slave island. A last second injury catapults a substituting John Harding into the fight of his life against a former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, to gain UFC reinstatement.


Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats, Man. Hope it does wonderfully!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

It's doing very well so far, Charles. We're hoping it picks everything else up too. I'm following with Cold Blooded 8 in September.