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Monday, October 10, 2016

Update Progress on Rick Cantelli P.I. Book 5: Blood Ties

I have an update on Rick Cantelli P.I. Book V: Blood Ties. Rick and Lo’s new pulp fiction adventure will reach 70K words today, so I’m slightly ahead of schedule. It never hurts to have extra time to do the most humbling experience in writing: final edits. :) In any case, Blood Ties will be released in early November.

For today’s highlight, I’m picking Hard Case. We have it on sale for only 99 cents. The moment I finish Rick and Lo’s newest installment, I will be starting Hard Case Book 8. It will not have a full on crossover but there will be some interaction between Cold Blooded’s Nick McCarty and John Harding’s Monster Squad. Anyone who hasn’t read any of the Hard Case novels, this is a great time to start. We’ll be releasing Hard Case Book 8 in January.


Charles Gramlich said...

You're a juggernaut, my friend. That will have to be your superhero name.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I admit I love storytelling, Charles. Happy Anniversary, my friend. I pray you and Lana a have many more.