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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

World Rampage

Because of Canadian laws concerning what they deem hate speech, I could not be a participant in RJ Parker’s ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism in America Today’. RJ wanted to include the 4K word introduction he asked me to write for the novel, but after consulting with Professor and Author Peter Vronsky, my opinion piece introduction under Canadian law would get RJ Parker Publishing in deep trouble with the law. Peter Vronsky, a renowned True Crime Author added his expertise to the novel which was released on May 26th.

My opinion piece states in no uncertain terms how I feel about the cult of Islam terrorizing the world today. Although I give many examples in world news which cannot be disputed, I thread in my very pointed opinion. Because I announced here I would be contributing to the novel, I don’t want anyone that reads my blog to feel I played a bait and switch ploy, I am posting my 4K word introduction in its entirety through the link below to One Drive in PDF format free of charge. By the way, if you feel the only thing we need for peace with Islamists involves giving them jobs and understanding, please don’t read my personal opinion article. It will make your head explode. :) I’m also including a link to RJ Parker and Peter Vronsky’s clinical examination of ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism in America Today’.

Islamic World Rampage – my introduction in its entirety.


Vesper said...

Bernard, it all seems to me like an incredible conspiracy to destroy Christianity and Europe and everything that they mean. I can't even hear or read -let alone think- about this without all my blood getting up.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

The media whitewashes Islamic rampages across the world, Cora. Muslim locust infiltrators have begun trying to establish Muslim No-Go areas in the USA just as in Canada and Europe. Muslims do not, have not, and will not assimilate into the culture of the country they infect. It is in their creed to lie, cheat, steal, and kill the infidel. We must either stand and fight or lose our nations to this plague.