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Friday, March 13, 2015

Writing Progress

The two novels at once writing mission is proceeding very well with over 40,000 words done in Demon IV: Darkness Rules, and over 21,000 words in Cold Blooded IV: Bloody Shadows. I should have Demon IV ready for release by late April, and Cold Blooded IV by late May. My next two I’m considering are Hard Case VI, and Rick Cantelli, P.I. IV. After the very good sales with Hard Case V: Blood and Fear, that one is kind of a lock.

The writing has taken the place of nearly everything else. I’m still doing shop work, but have kept my time at about twenty hours a week. I’ll be sixty-five next month. The drive to do more hours than that at the shop has not instilled in me a desire to report for full time duty again. I now don’t think it will. Writing fiction allows an alternative to reality, my auto repair shop can’t help with. Every moment at the shop I’m in reality with the subsequent real memories, and interacting with customers. Home alone writing fiction in Demon’s paranormal, often hilarious world, and plotting out Nick McCarty’s next violent episode in Cold Blooded has become a new paradigm for me. Maybe things will change a bit after I put Living Trusts, estate business, and taxes behind me, but I have to admit it ain’t likely.  :)

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