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Friday, February 28, 2014

Hard Case Book IV: A Violent Life

Tomorrow morning is release day for my latest novel: Hard Case Book IV: A Violent Life. As a writer, coupled with the nuts and bolts of also being a mechanic, I see an endless stream of positives and negatives with each new offering. I’m jaded in that I have a day-job away from writing I was born for in a way. I love fixing cars and trucks. It’s paid off in my owning the shop and land I have in Oakland, CA.

My buddy from the service refers to me as Castle. While I never miss an episode, I’m not Castle. I’m a storyteller. While I respect the works of others, I have no need to seek the approval of the top tier writers. Writing, first and foremost, satisfies a craving deep inside of me. I can create worlds where all the wrongs I see in real life get handled the way I want them to. Writing is like being an Auto Tech. I fix things. In my imaginary worlds away from reality, my fixes and characters deviate from the politically correct norm in drastic ways.

Hard Case Book IV: A Violent Life is a fix in exactly that set of parameters. It is a no holds barred, action and adventure novel, with human horror and humor mixed in. While I have no easy fixes for real life, I can adapt the entire earth to meet my needs in the fictional world. The process is addictive, which makes writing so exciting. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Thumbs up! I still have to read 3 but hope to get some reading time soon.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

That pre-order we have going with Amazon really worked out great, Charles. Take your time with the reading, my friend. Writing and working really take up a lot of time I used to have for reading. I imagine it's much the same for you.

raine said...

Writing is like being an Auto Tech. I fix things.

There it is.
One of the things that attracted me to writing in the first place.
My world, my people, my happy/twisted endings.
And I've been missing that. Need to get back to it.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I agree, Raine. It's the greatest thrill of writing.

'My world, my people, my happy/twisted endings.'

Indeed it is. :)