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Saturday, February 23, 2013

P.I. Rick Cantelli Part 4

Some interesting news has come out in the used digital book reselling paradigm. Redigi actually has a program where the digital books can be resold once with a royalty going to the author. The book cannot be resold again. They at least have a suitable royalty program. No one except this Redigi seems to have a viable plan for all parties involved. If Amazon does, they’re not stating it.
A few good things happening on the writing front. Sales have been up. I received the Author of the Week award from AuthorsdB, which means I get a banner for the week, and they claim their banners get over 15,000 clicks. I'm also number 15 on their HOT list.  :)  I finished another Rick Cantelli P.I. story of 4,000 words this week. His partner Lois invades Rick’s beach house vacation where she finds him with her movie star half sister. She has to put payback on hold though because Lois needs him to help her find one of their company’s investigators missing on a case. Humor and action abound. The sequel to HARDCASE is nearing 50,000 words, so I should be releasing it this summer. I will be releasing the second part in my YA trilogy this week: DEMON INC. My screenplay writing proceeds, but not with anything tangible for interest. I did have a San Francisco producer request a network connection in my STAGE 32 group site.
The Rick Cantelli P.I. character has been a real kick to write. I can do so many things with the dialogue between him and his partner Lois, it’s as entertaining editing his stories as writing them.  :)

As a postscript funny one for my writer friends – COLD BLOODED, my writer/assassin novel has begun to do pretty well. Wild Child Publishing took three years to publish it after giving me a contract. Except for a brief blurb on release day, they did absolutely nothing to promote the book other than send me a list of all the things I should be doing to sell it. When I sent them queries for other novels I didn’t even get a rejection letter back. After all the ads, social marketing, releasing other novels, and continued struggle in my own nonsensical ways, COLD BLOODED has begun to spike. Then in my e-mail last weekend, I get a note from Wild Child Publishing stating there was a spike in sales, and they wanted to know how I was accomplishing it. And they wonder why we self-publish.  :)


Angelique Engelbrecht said...

It's a pity the publisher screwed the pooch on Cold Blooded. I am absolutely loving it.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Angelique. I'm glad you're enjoying COLD BLOODED. The fact the publisher ignores a book they publish isn't a new revelation, but that they query the author when the book suddenly starts selling for tips is very funny. :) I realize we have to have a sense of humor in this business. Thanks for stopping by.

Author RJ Parker said...

Bottom line brother, your books are catching on. Name recognition is happening!!!! Cold Blooded is selling finally and I couldn't be happier, as you know it's my favorite book of all time. Hard Case is rocking this month and has picked up a lot of steam. I see Monster and Peace, more favs of mine are doing well in the rankings. So proud of you brother. You really deserve it. This cross promoting has paid off too :)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Yeah, RJ, something's working. I have no doubt your marketing has a lot to do with all of it. I hope it keeps up. I do know name recognition drives this business, and although we didn't see much of a return at first, partnering up with you on HARD CASE and THE PROTECTORS has finally started paying off for us, brother. Thank you. :)