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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voter Intimidation

They're doing it again at polling places in Pennsylvania and Ohio - the dreaded voter intimidation by the Black Panther Party. I do have an opinion on this. If you allow street thugs standing near a door to scare you away from voting then you don't deserve to vote. I realize when they were standing out front in 2008 with nightsticks, I'm sure they got some second looks, but they don't have any idea who you're voting for. The one from a couple hours ago in this Philly video actually held the door open for two women going in to vote. He didn't ask them who they were voting for. We've had a lot of good people die to preserve our right to vote on the battlefield. They'd be spinning in their graves if they knew an American could be frightened away by some guy wearing a beanie hat and sunglasses. If we want to worry about votes not counted, let's find out why they're disenfranchising thousands of military ballots. Those young people would be happy to ship back in to the states and walk by beanie hat or anyone else in front of the polling place door.

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