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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I got a great Review on Amazon for ‘THE PROTECTORS’. As all writers know, it’s difficult to garner reviews from readers. There is a new thing out there drawing the ire of mainstream publishing – paid reviews. Book Trailers Showcase offers a ‘Review Tour’ which is the same in some ways as a ‘Blog Tour’. I’m looking forward to seeing if it works to generate sales. I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that unless ‘Fifty Shades’ lightning hits, the publishing business is going to be a crap shoot. I followed a thread on Linked-In about paid reviews which I thought was very entertaining. Half of the participants are aghast at the nefarious notion of paid reviewers, while the other half understand it’s been going on in New York since the beginning of publishing. Anyway, as a caveat, if you check out the review link above, it was not bought.  :)

Labor Day weekend turned out to be a great writing weekend for me. I’m almost to 60,000 words on my last book in the YA Trilogy I’ve been working on. This one has been the most fun to write. It would be nice if my full page ad in the next Book Trailers Showcase e-mag this month for HARD CASE works. I’ll be posting the link as soon as it comes out.


Charles Gramlich said...

Well deserved. I much enjoyed that book myself.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Charles, I appreciate your taking the time to review it for me too. It's tough to get reviews. That's for sure. I hope this writing/marketing stuff picks up for both of us in the near future. :)

raine said...

It is SO hard to get legitimate reviews. Always glad to see them for a hard-working writer who deserves them!
(and congrats on the writing progress--you're really rocking the word count!).

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Raine. The number of new releases on Amazon every month is staggering. I guess if an author is in love with competition, this is a great time to be one. :)