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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great HARD CASE Review!

On the writing front, I passed 60,000 words Friday on the sequel to DEMON (the title will be DEMON INC.), so you better believe I’ll be making progress on my three days off. HARD CASE is crawling its way up the Amazon list, thanks to my partner RJ Parker. We garnered another terrific review from outside our demographic – HERE. Please give the reviewer a YES it was helpful if you get a chance. Her first comments are pure gold – “I loved this story! John Harding makes Jack Reacher look like a Sunday school teacher.”   Oh Yeah!

I had to research who Jack Reacher was. He’s a tough guy character in a series by author Lee Child. That our reviewer thinks my hard case, John Harding makes him look like a Sunday school teacher was a real thrill for me. I wonder what she’d think of Nick from COLD BLOODED.

I’m not forgetting this is Memorial Day weekend. Get your flags up. Remember who it is that sacrificed everything so that we can play on keyboards across this great nation, read books, play computer games, watch TV, vote in free elections, and the plethora of other freedoms we take for granted. God bless our troops!


RJ Parker said...

Hey brother, I commented with a thank you to the wonderful woman who gave the review of HARD CASE, and suggested that she read COLD BLOODED. She just left a message on her review today thanking me for the suggestion and she's now reading COLD BLOODED.

I am a huge Jack Reacher fan for the past 15 years and 15 books. Harding is much like Reacher and I thought that when I was reading HARD CASE. By comparing the characters, that was a huge compliment believe me.

I have a place in my heart for our men and women in uniform and since I published, I made a commitment to give my books freely to soldiers, police, firefighters etc., and since Jan 1 this year, I've gifted over 700 ebooks to those serving and retired.

Happy memorial weekend everyone and lest we forget those in uniform now and before us.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I definitely took it as a huge compliment. Although I don't know the Jack Reacher character, Lee Child's sold a whole lot of the series. I hope our reviewer enjoys COLD BLOODED.

I remember you give away a lot of books to all in uniform, brother. Have a great weekend! Keep in mind it was the reviewer that said Harding makes Reacher look like a Sunday school teacher... not me. :)

Rick said...

Cold Blooded is getting some seriously positive reviews, Bernard. That's great!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

COLD BLOODED had those three reviews in the first month, Rick. I'm hoping to get some new ones. This is a rough business as you know since before you started your publishing enterprise. Legitimate reviews are like gold, and they are hard to come by. :)

raine said...

So glad to hear things are working out well for you, Bernard! Off to visit your review...
(and have a great holiday!). :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent review. I'm looking forward to this book. I have read a Reacher or two.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Raine. I hope your weekend is a good one too. Good luck with your new book LUCIDITY release! It's third in my TBR list, and I sure liked the blurb for it. :)

Thank you, Charles. Since reading that interview, I've researched the Reacher series. It does look pretty good. Your HARVEST OF WAR and COLD IN THE LIGHT are next on my reading list.

RJ Parker said...

Hmmmm, do you think Charles books would interest me Bernie? You know what I like. Just wanted to let your peeps know about the Father's Day Contest I have going. The link is here

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Charles has a wide variety of writings, RJ. Sword and sorcery, horror, westerns, and even ones on the art of writing. He’s also done a humor one based on his younger days titled ‘Days of Beer’ which was hilarious. Here’s the link to his Amazon page:

Charles Gramlich on Amazon

It would probably be best if you downloaded some samples from his Kindle books. He can be reached through his e-mail, which is accessible through his blog profile:

Razored Zen

Sorry, brother, I don’t really have any peeps. I just have a few very good writing friends, but I’ll put your contest up on your banner.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Contest at RJ Parker Publishing/Author - Father’s Day Contest