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Friday, March 30, 2012

Series Thoughts

My sequel to Demon, the yet unsold YA/Paranormal gem I’m querying, reached the 18,000 word mark yesterday. The way it’s progressing, I might have it done faster than any of my previous novels, making me believe I can probably create a three book series without freezing up with some sort of block. I’ve always wanted to do sequels and left room to go into them at the end of every novel. Reality being what it is, I didn’t think it a good idea to make a sequel to a novel unless the first book in the series was selling like hot cakes.
With Demon, I figure whether I sell it or not, if I worked on a three book series I would be accomplishing something I haven’t done before. With self-publishing so easy, I’ll always have that avenue if it doesn’t get contracted. Writing projects have always been easy for me once I start one, but they become an obsession once started. Just as I can’t start reading a book without finishing it, I can’t start writing one without finishing either. That can be tricky and although the pressure is off when there’s really no deadline to get done, the incentive is also missing. I’ve always wondered how neat it would be to have millions of readers waiting anxiously for the next book in a series I’m writing. I don’t read Harry Potter books because just the names kick in my barf reflex, but I can imagine how fantastic it would be to have a fan base like JK Rowling. I do read Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum series, and I do enjoy hearing when she has a new one out.
Name recognition and a million strong fan base – the Holy Grail of writing. Rather than bathing in its light like Sir Galahad, I think I’m going to reconcile myself to just glimpsing its fuzzy image like my hero Lancelot. Otherwise, I’ll never finish the series. :)
My friend, Author RJ Parker, reviewed my political intrigue novel SOTELLO with five stars once again. His review really hit everything I’d hoped would cast a spell over readers. I’m in a war with AuthorHouse over getting the digital offerings of my books with them available. Daily calls and e-mails are not helping the cause so far, but I will persevere. I’ve already demanded the original galleys and hope to have them in my possession soon. Please click the yes button on the helpful review for RJ.


Jordan Summers said...

Bernard, Back before the whole e-pubbing jump, it wasn't unusual for a book/series to not hit its stride until book two or three. There were several series that took off with the second or third books' release.

These days it's rare that they give ANY book/series a chance to do that, but that shouldn't discourage any writer from creating a series if it's a natural thing to do for a story.

BernardL said...

It's going so well, Jordan, there's no question about my doing a three book series on this one. I love the characters and the storyline. It will be a thrill if that agent taking a full look at the manuscript for the first one decides to take it on. You are right about it being rare for the 2ond or 3rd to set the stride in sales these days. If the first doesn't take off like gangbusters... that's a problem. :)

raine said...

Another great review! Congrats!
Off to click... :)

BernardL said...

Thanks, Raine. RJ's a good guy. It's going to be tough to get another review if AuthorHouse doesn't get the books available in the more affordable digital form. One way or another, I will. :)