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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthcare and Terrorists

I have a couple of pertinent topics today. One concerns our ongoing battle here in America to retain the greatest health care system in the world. My second topic involves the arrest of ‘suspected’ (but also admitted) Colorado terrorists Najibullah Zazi and his father, Mohammed Wali Zaz.

The short YouTube video above about our health care statistics in comparison with Europe and Canada illustrates the old writer axiom ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’. I spent the morning double checking the statistics with UK and Canadian web sites. I reiterate my contention we need to throttle the lawyers with tort reform and allow more competition with portability across state lines so health care becomes even more competitive. It is the Federal government preventing the health insurance companies from broadening their base and reducing health care premiums by not allowing competition across state lines. We don’t need a Federal Government incapable of running a post office running our health care system.

While US Attorney General Eric Holder pursues those vicious CIA operatives heroically keeping us from danger because they may have employed mean tactics to save us all after 9/11, we have green card terrorists plotting chemical weapon attacks on New York City. Maybe what we need is to find our own non-fiction Jack Bauer and get to the bottom of this nationwide terrorist plot quickly. Let’s quit whining about our not being better than the bad guys and see if we can keep the population of New York City from experiencing an even worse disaster than they already have. Let’s kick the Caspar Milquetoast’s out of our State Department so we can get down to business. Terrorists get water boarded or worse to save our citizens– boo f…..g hoo. Light a candle and move on.

George Orwell said once about Rudyard Kipling ‘He sees clearly that men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably less civilized, are there to guard and feed them.’ (1942) The quote evolved into ‘We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us’. Amen!


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm not going to agree with you wholeheartedly about the health care reform debate because I'm very concerned about several issues in the current state of medical practice in the US. For one, the over prescription of drugs, especialy to kids. Still, I suspect some middle ground needs to be established and we need more study rather than rushing into any kind of reform, or simply blocking any concept of reform.

I'm further toward your side on the terrorist issue. I think it's absolutely true that in a world where humans are still humans those who choose not to protect themselves will become victims. Not everyone is well intentioned. We certainly have to maintain our strengths. I'm generally against acting too quickly on too little intelligence though.

The thing is, reasonable people can disagree reasonably and have discussion about the issues. That's what I'd like to see.

And afterward we can go out for a beer. :)

BernardL said...

I'm with you 100% on over prescription of drugs to kids. Unfortunately, that reform is only being discussed within the medical community, and it's a world wide problem. The solution to that problem is a parent who refuses to medicate the child. When my son had problems with attention in school the teachers wanted him medicated into good behavior. Instead, I worked with them on a day to day basis teaching my son he would be rewarded for good behavior and disciplined for bad behavior - just as I suspect we were back in the day.

I read yesterday evening the police in New York City were tearing Queens apart looking for chemical components the monsters had stored. I generally go by the Al Capone method of intelligence gathering when 8 million of my fellow citizens are in danger. Give me a blow torch and a pair of pliers and I'll find out where the chemical components are stored. :)

Yep, reasonable people can and do disagree on issues. Reasonable people can agree amiably to disagree. Thanks Charles

Vesper said...

The world is ruled by greed.

I'm sorry that you're so upset.

BernardL said...

I’m not really upset, Vesper. I’m alarmed everything men and women died to preserve for centuries here in the United States is being given away by ignorant puppets reciting clich├ęs they learned from people who hate everything American – the same people that instinctively know they would be put to death or imprisoned anywhere else. It’s like our border policy. We take criticism from Mexico on our border policy – the same Mexico that imprisons, kills, tortures, and steals from border crossers into their land. We take morality lessons from leaders like Iran’s glorious leader who denies the Holocaust and calls for the obliteration of Israel as the key to world peace. We make accords and treaties with Russia, China, and North Korea when they have never abided by any treaty or accord they’ve ever signed.

Terrorists infiltrate our country and plot the deaths of millions – yet our leaders hand over to them the rights of American citizens when they are caught. In this age of baby killing monsters bent on our annihilation I propose a new accord be issued by America: If you are caught inside or outside our borders plotting and conducting missions to slaughter our citizens we reserve the right to torture you to death in the same manner you do our soldiers when captured. If you don’t wish to be tortured to death – stay the hell away from us and run from anyone trying to kill Americans because you will be caught in the crossfire. World history, common sense, and logic dictate the preservation of a nation cannot be maintained by citizens on their knees with hands clasped in supplication. It’s maintained by the same ‘rough’ men and women in our nation’s armed forces fighting for the survival of Western Civilization in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are spit on by the whiners in their own land and sold out by the civilian leaders they die to protect. Yeah, we need ‘change’ alright, and I ‘hope’ it doesn’t come after a million of us die needlessly protecting the feelings of soulless murderers protected by our screwed up sensibilities.

Healthcare - The statistics in the video I posted are accurate. Since our survival rate for deadly disease is higher than any nation with socialized healthcare, it seems logical to keep what we have and throw it away at our own risk. Socialized healthcare is for the healthy.