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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Global Warming's Carnival Barker

I've had enough. The lord of the global warming con, Al(fred E. Newman) Gore, compared his myth of Global Warming to the World War II fight against Hitler and the Nazis this week. Huh? Wow, in olden times they put charlatan conmen like AG away where he couldn’t hurt himself… or more importantly the rest of us. The consensus AG bragged about from the beginning has turned into a wrong way rout with the majority of scientists noting we’ve been cooling for the last decade. They’re bailing on AG in numbers frightening enough to have him out publicly hawking stuff like his WWII comparison at the risk of looking like a complete imbecile – he didn’t have far to go anyway.

I can’t understand why AG didn’t simply do what the scientists did after the last sun activity induced warming period ended – start heralding another ice age. He could write another book as a companion piece to ‘Earth in the Balance’ called ‘My Sanity in the Balance’. AG could claim the sun’s changing activity to be a plot brought about by the Aliens from ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. To battle the new threat AG could summon the world’s forces claiming the Aliens changed the dialectic from Global Warming to Global Cooling to spite him.

My Dad landed at Omaha Beach, Normandy. After surviving the landing he was later blown up by a mortar round which paralyzed him from the waist down in one leg. For the rest of his life he walked with a limp, shrapnel near his spine, and bouts of chronic pain. For this supercilious jackass Gore to compare his Global Warming farce with a world war where guys like my Dad were maimed and killed in defense of this nation is a disgrace far beyond tactless buffoonery. For all the acolytes of this plot to tax the very air we breathe, please get another pitchman for the Global Warming fairytale. Al Gore is not Winston Churchill. He is a dangerous carnival barker obsessed with his own ego.


Charles Gramlich said...

Methinks Gore has invested too much in global warming now to give it up.

BernardL said...

I believe you are right, Charles. He's making a fortune off it. The huckster went too far this time.

Beth Partin said...

Al Gore is not a con man. He's very knowledgeable about this subject and he knows that it will take tremendous effort to fight it. Maybe it's time to retire the WWII comparisons (on the right as well as on the left), but that's no excuse to ignore things like glaciers melting or species moving north or plants blooming earlier or all the scientific evidence for global warming that's been around for years. Instead of trashing Al Gore, I suggest you go find some articles on the subjects mentioned above--there is hard evidence for global warming.

BernardL said...

Al Gore is about as knowledgeable as a pet rock. Sorry, Beth, I already have done extensive research into this scam. Glaciers are expanding not melting. Here's a list if you're interested:

Al Gore using WWII as a comparison point was the last straw for me. I respect your beliefs, so rather than trade links of support, we can agree to disagree. When they begin taxing the breath you exhale perhaps you will realize what this pile of dung is really all about: money.

Beth Partin said...

Bernard, there are many, many questions about what's going to happen with the climate, but I think it behooves us all to get real information from scientists and not just listen to anyone who's spouting about it.

I'm going to post a link because it took me about 1 minute to find out that the guy behind Ice Age Now (the website you sent me to) is a fraud. He is not a scientist but a former architect. He's just trying to make money off his book.

Here's a link to the World Glacier Monitoring Service, which has been in existence since 1986 and compiles data from the 1890s until the present. They think that Felix's work is bullshit.

Here's a link to an article in the UK newspaper The Guardian. The author explains why Robert Felix is full of it.

I'm open to learning more about this subject. I hope you are too.

BernardL said...

Beth, I always follow the money trail. I am not, nor will I ever be open to charlatans and con-men. I realize Global Warming has become a religion now, which is why I don't bother debating the tenets of this scam. The pitchman of this revival meeting is who I will from now on not be silent about. Al Gore is a fraud and he has had a hand in creating the world's largest fraud: Global Warming.

The earth has begun a cooling stage which started nearly a decade ago. Soon, you won't have to be open or closed to anything about Global Warming. Unfortunately, some folks will need a new religion... and a new Al Gore. Another unfortunate aftermath will be while we're cooling, we'll still be paying the Global Warming taxes levied during this scam. Global Warming will go away. Taxes won't.

Beth Partin said...

Bernard, I have to thank the guy at Ice Age Now because I never would have gone to the NOAA website without you sending me the link. It took me a while to find his data--NOAA doesn't make it easy, believe you me. I have to admire him for all the effort it took to cut and paste all the records. Here is a link to one of the pages he used.

Please note that on that day (June 1, 2009), there were 18 record lows reported by over 6000 stations. That's not very impressive, and I don't know why anyone would get excited by record lows in Alaska, for example.

It's just not very many record lows. This is why it's important to investigate how people use data. This man has reported record lows--that's accurate. But when you compare the number of record lows to the number of stations reporting, the 500 or so records he cites become much less impressive.

BernardL said...

On the other hand, every time it reaches a 100 degrees in Arizona in August, somebody uses it as an example of Global Warming. :)

Beth, I have a real life parable for you and it's kind of funny too. A woman I was dating in 1973 became involved in a religious group with a leader who said God talked to him. She wanted me to become a member because the leader said God had told him the earth would end in two years. If I wouldn’t become a member she told me we’d have no future together. Being a smartass I asked her, ‘what future if the world’s ending in two years?’ She broke up with me but it’s 2009 and the world lived on. In those years, the world was in a cooling period and the prophets of doom predicted a coming ice age. I’ve noticed people aren’t happy unless they can convince themselves they’re living in the end of days. :)

jamie said...

With all do respect. I think you need to refresh your concept of the "Greenhouse Effect" and apply that concept to the fact the planet is warming. Has it warmed in the past..? Most certainly. It's just that "We" as a people weren't around to have to deal with the consequences. A few degrees warmer on average will have a disastrous affect on the life that inhabits this planet. It is a "balance" of nature that allows us to exist and grow crops, etc.. If species start to perish, we WILL have problems sustaining ourselves. Will the planet recover..of course. I'm not worried about the planets response as much as what kind of life I will leave for my children as a result of our unwillingness to accept this reality.

The affect of human activity on this planet has contributed to the rapid rise in "Greenhouse Gases" this is what Al Gore is trying to communicate. "We" are the ones who must start adapting to the possibility that things will start to change for us and the way we live. If we don't wake up to the fact that "We" have the power to affect what we do to help slow the development of "Greenhouse Gases" in our atmosphere, the future looks like a more difficult one for us and our children's children.

Regrets only,

P.S. ... and I do believe AL Gore knows more about this topic than you do. I'm sure you'll agree.

BernardL said...

Jamie, you need to get up to speed on the East Anglia news. Global Warming is a myth and Al Gore is its prophet. We have been cooling for over a decade, and even the Global Warming alarmists are admitting it. I wrote this post before the Russians revealed East Anglia (the main source for the UN’s climate models – and everyone else’s) has been doctoring the data to hide the decline. If you’re a reasoning person, after you have investigated this worldwide hoax in the present day news, I’m sure you’ll be able to let the facts enlighten you.

'P.S. ... and I do believe AL Gore knows more about this topic than you do. I'm sure you'll agree.'

The only thing Al Gore knows more about than me on this topic is how to create a global scam to extort money from people to prevent an imaginary crisis by selling them an imaginary product – carbon credits. Thanks for commenting but before remarking any further on this topic please read the news and my most recent posts with the links on this scam.