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Saturday, May 17, 2008


It’s been hard this week to return to regular blog programming with Layla ending, and my readying the manuscript for querying. A gentleman popped in on Friday morning all smiles, and cheery demeanor; but his attitude changed quickly, when I was unable to comply with his request. In the professional auto repair business, we have plenty of do-it-your-selfers, just as with any other repair type occupation. In plumbing, carpentry, and house electrical work, I’m a do-it-your-selfer. If the do-it-yourselfers stay within the limits of their expertise, they can save a lot of money.

One area I don’t patch is brakes. I’ve mentioned it in blog posts before, because it evokes the most animosity from the people who screw their brakes up during a do-it-yourself attempt, and then come in expecting me to make it better cheaply. After all, they’ve done the hard part, or they think they have. In reality, I can’t patch something very likely to result in the deaths of one or more persons. Friday’s visitor had decided to do a brake repair himself; and by the time I convinced him of the fact I would not just bleed out the brakes for him, I was beginning to wish I could call Layla out to handle him. :)

Speaking of Layla, I already received my first rejection. The first part was pretty standard: wrong fit, etc. The last sentence was a kick though:

So, we'll step aside and wish you well for publishing success.’

How thoughtful and unique. With five manuscripts being queried now, I’ve seen a slew of rejection notices, but never a line like that. Although I like the short ‘not for us’ best, I smiled when I read this new bit. I had to stifle myself; because the reply popping into my head went something like this: Thank you for stepping aside when you did, the mob waiting outside ready to publish LAYLA was getting antsy. Maybe I should do a blog post on ten things not to say in reply to a rejection notice, if you ever want anyone to take a look at your stuff again.

I stuck with ‘Thank you for your time and quick reply’. :)


raine said...

That IS a new line. They'll 'step aside'?
In a twisted way, I sorta like it. They're not in the way of your forward momentum. :)

DIY brakes??! (shudder).

Jordan Summers said...

Like Raine said, that's a new one and kind of cool. I'm glad you decided to put Layla together in book form. You never know. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. :)

BernardL said...

Yea, Raine, I kind of collect all the unique rejection one liners, and the 'step aside' one is a keeper. :)

Thanks, Jordan, it was pretty cool. It's fun having another new manuscript making the rounds. I figure one of them will find a home sometime. :)

Jordan Summers said...

The more you have out there, the better your odds. :)

Leigh Russell said...

We ought to compile a book of the different rejection phrases - no, on second thoughts, there are just too many! Good luck with it.

Stephen Parrish said...

Don't forget: anniversary tribute to Miss Snark on Pat Wood's Blog starting May 20th.

Bernita said...

Very nice.
A courteous response, with an implied "go for it!"

BernardL said...

At least it makes the time between replies shorter, Jordan. :)

Thanks, Leigh, they are getting very creative in saying 'no'. Congratulations on completing another manuscript.

Thanks for the reminder, Stephen.

It was all of that, Bernita. We must take pleasure in the simple things. :)

Virginia Lady said...

Well, at least there was a response, right? I'm glad you're sending it out there. I'm certain someone will take you up on it. Good luck!

BernardL said...

Thanks, VL. Yea, any response is good with me, especially if they don't take 6 months to respond. :)