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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All Set

I noticed a man, probably in his forties, wearing a gray business suit, out in front of my shop checking it out as if he were lost. He looked a little out of place too, and I was still waiting on parts for the Honda Accord torn down in my shop bay. When I approached him, the man immediately walked toward me with a smile and his hand out. I shook hands with him.

“I thought maybe you were lost,” I offered.

“No, I’m looking for a shop like yours in this area. How’s business?”

“Pretty good,” I answered, wondering if he was somebody from the City of Oakland.

“How long you been here?”

“Over thirty years, twenty-five as owner this next April,” I’m curious now where this is headed. I’m always waiting for the next city inspection.

“You look near retirement age,” the man observed with a friendly smile.

“What gave me away, the gray hair, or the permanent cynical look, branded onto my face?” I smile back. “Seriously, I probably won’t retire unless something unexpected happens.”

“Would you be interested in selling your place,” the man chuckled at my little joke, and got down to business.

“Sure, 1.5 million dollars, cash,” I answer immediately.

He laughed in earnest then. After a moment, he shook his head. “You’ll never get that much for it.”

“I guess I’ll have to keep on workin’ then.”

“Do you have a mortgage on the place?” The man asked, glancing around inside the door.

“Nope, it’s paid off.”

“You could be set pretty well if you sold the place,” he told me. “Can I leave my card in case you change your mind?”

“Sure, I’ll give it to my wife. If I assume room temperature under a car or truck in the near future, I’ll leave word for her to give you a call.”

He laughed and handed me his card, before leaving. It only had his name and phone number on it. Maybe my wife will have to do a little checking on this guy if I join the other side of the Ghost Hunting equation. :)


Jordan Summers said...

How odd! I'd google him to find out what he's up to. ;)

BernardL said...

He's a real estate broker, and the website listed real estate foreclosures in the area already being auctioned. I guess the agents are really scrambling for business with the problems they helped create. Thanks, Jordan. :) At least he wasn't another city inspector.