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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Lighter Side Of Dogs & Cats

One of our cats threw up on the carpet I just cleaned, so I had to pull this out of my archives of offbeat poetry I've written. :)

Dogs and Cats with owners who pay dearly,
For upkeep on these parasites yearly.
They work with vigor to deposit all their fur,
On carpets, and clothes, then whine and purr.
Woe to the odors these foul creatures give off:
Wet dog, and cat box stink, to make you cough,
Air so thick with odor of your pet pals' stench,
It colors room air to make your stomach clench.
Ahhh, joy of four legged friend caught short,
Because you left with door closed in your fort.
Nothing more lovely than cat creature to stroke,
Until pet playfully turns, raking you as a joke.
Sporting razor sharp talons, it slices and dices,
Cutting you bloody, just one of its little vices.
Cuddly cat, to soothe you, will bring you a gift,
Of dead rat or silent songbird to give you a lift.
Fret not if cat box deposit stinks up your place,
For your dog will eat it, then lick your face.
Cat scratch fever, kennel cough, and evil fleas,
Will drain your budget with Vet bills and fees.
But pets care not if others hate the sight of you,
They rush to you happily, without even a clue,
Whether you are ugly, poor, or a bitter old boor,
Giving love simply because its you they adore. :)


Jordan Summers said...

Cute story/poem. :)

BernardL said...

Thanks, Jordan, I've often wondered over the years which species ends up getting trained, animals or humans. :)