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Monday, March 26, 2007

Migraine Help

My wife suffered week long migraines, which sometimes ended in trips to the emergency room and drugs that never cut the pain. I came up with a way to massage the base of her neck and top of the spinal cord which would lift the migraine immediately if she told me soon enough; and would lift it after about fifteen minutes, even if it was full blown, including nausea and flashing lights. If you have the migraine victim sit on a stool, you put your thumbs at the nape of the neck with your fingers at the areas on both sides around the temples. You must explore with your thumbs until you find the spot which causes the migraine sufferer the most pain (sometimes the area is formed in an actual lump or group of small lumps). If the sufferer gets a weird feeling, like a lifting sensation, as you massage it, you’re in the right spot. Dig your thumbs in gently at first, and progressively harder while supporting and massaging at the temples with your fingers. Keep increasing the pressure with the thumbs until as with my wife, her feet start to pound. Expand the area of your massage gradually, and I am afraid the adage no pain no gain applies here. Break every few minutes to rub down the sufferer’s shoulders and upper back. If the victim comes to you within a few minutes of the first symptoms, you can get rid of it within the first five minutes. If the migraine sufferer arrives from somewhere in complete pain with nausea, it has sometimes taken me twenty minutes to relieve it.

Since coming up with this well over twenty years ago, I have taught customers, relatives and friends to get rid of these migraine headaches. Each one was different, but there is always a spot the victim can feel, where they experience a lifting sensation. It may sound simplistic, but I never saw another human being in such intense pain as my wife after four days straight with one of these things, and it has always worked on her without drugs, and on all the people I have shown over the years.


Jordan Summers said...

Great advice, Bernard. Thanks for sharing. :)

BernardL said...

Thanks, Jordan. It works. The main ingredient is communication between the migraine sufferer and the neck massager. The victim always knows when you’ve hit the spot. It takes a little patience, cause sometimes there’s so much pain, every spot hurts. There’s always an area where you can feel the lump or cluster of smaller lumps at the base of the skull. My wife fixes her friends at work all the time, and I know my fixing her has been the main reason she’s hung around all these years. :)

Virginia Lady said...

Wow, that sounds wonderful, Bernard. My husband has tried massaging my neck and shoulders, but not in the manner you've described. We'll give it a shot when the next one come around. Thanks for the advice! I'm open to any and all suggestions when it comes to dealing with my migraines, but preferably the ones that don't involve drugs.

BernardL said...

The key to it is if your husband can find what feel like lumps under the skin at the base of the skull with his thumbs. When my sister gets a migraine, it forms one single huge lump, while my wife sometimes has lumps form which feel like small BB's. Moving and breaking up those lumps causes a lifting sensation. If you have any questions, VL, e-mail me, because I know how much those damn migraine's hurt.