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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Lighter Side Of Growing Old

If only body, mind, and soul agreed,

To all go together by common creed.

Think of how lovely human life would be,

If memory, strength, and stamina agree,

To function smoothly till death do us part,

Then quality would persist from the start.

No more urges lacking locomotion,

Or locomotion lacking a notion.

No memories of what life provided,

But still an ache where desire resided,

Or memories of incredible needs,

With complacency growing like wild weeds.

Does pain finally make us wish to die,

Or lack of coherent thought to say goodbye?

We laugh now at what we once did in bed,

When we should be doing it till we are dead.

We obsess longingly over life past,

Trying to make dour longevity last.

Forgetting quality made life worthwhile,

We blindly pursue length instead of style.

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