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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New Release - Demon 14: Darkness Devours


Amazon released my new novel, Demon14: Darkness Devours - violent, erotic, humorous alternate reality. 😊

The government/media complex knows Demon Inc to be a dangerous foe in their plans to rig the Presidential election under the guise of a pandemic. Realizing the truth when the real reporters collaborating with Demon Inc uncover the Wuhan Province plot, complete with bloated statistics, lies, and New World Order conspiracy to take down America, Mike gathers the forces of darkness to mind wipe DC if need be.

Add to the apocalyptic mess, the Large Hadron Collider causing a bleed into reality from the ethereal world of monsters created in the imaginings of humanity, and the world seems on the eve of destruction. Enter… the Demon Inc warriors, with Mike enticed into the most erotic affairs to date, depending on his paranormal family, Mongo, Demon, and Sandy to help him hold onto sanity, and we have the perfect storm in a tidal wave washing over DC’s traitorous swamp.

Demon 14: Darkness Devours 


Friday, January 15, 2021

New Release: Cold Blooded 14: Bloody Hell

 Amazon released my new novel, Cold Blooded 14: Bloody Hell:

Cold Blooded 14: Bloody Hell

Chinese toxin attempt on the West Coast, Antifa/BLM terrorists infecting the schools and planning city takeovers, leftist brainwashing attempts from preschool up, and teen killers coming of age in a battle for the soul of America. When the looters and pillagers dress in combat gear to riot in the streets of Sacramento, they meet head on with the Unholies and Monsters, who easily show them what happens to posers when faced with killers and trained militia.

The corrupt NSA, billionaire New World Order sycophants, their lapdog media, and the completely corrupt political machines all take a shot at the only opposition they have ever faced to try and take down Governor Florence Brown. They find death and prison on the other side of their quest. Captain Hook and Kade lend their sometimes comical bond to the mix, along with another bonus Nick and Jean in the future story.


Friday, November 20, 2020

New Release: Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 14: Enemy Within

My new novel, Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 14: Enemy Within has been released. Here is the blurb and link:

America will be at war shortly with the enemy within, just as Rick and Lois, teamed with their apprentices, Jim and Ellen. They face traitorous politicians, propped up at every moment by their willing accomplices in the media, and a populace so ignorant of history they become communist Vladimir Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’ of the future. Nothing in America can be considered safe when confronting the Antifa/BLM mafia jackals terrorizing our cities, paid for by foreign powers and New World Order billionaire monsters. Madigan/Cantelli never retreats from the challenge they have been facing for decades: the enemy within. Romance, violence, movie making, and humor keep the young warriors, Jim and Ellen, energized to take over the war.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 14: Enemy Within

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Demon 13: The Abode of Darkness


My new addition to the Demon series is available now from Amazon: Demon 13: The Abode of Darkness

The Demon Inc crew begin to unravel the China Hoax Virus facts as only they can, thanks to their former fake news reporter, Darla. Mix in a billionaire New World Order heiress and the usual suspects of chaos: Sharia Law Mutants and Antifa/BLM terrorists, and we have a party. Add in a genuine succubus, new mutant powers thanks to a werewolf hunt, and Demon Inc is off to the races.