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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Rick Cantelli P.I. Book 17: War at Home - New Release

 Amazon released my new Rick Cantelli novel War at Home. Here is the link and the blurb. Violence, humor, and a bit of erotic romance.


War at home with billionaire Illuminati, their minions and assassination teams with one goal: regain San Diego border and ports control. When an assassination team takes up residence in a retired doctor’s house only blocks away from Rick’s home. Lois and Rick shut it down, old school, but they fear the ingenuity of the plot. Kull begins going rogue occasionally as the Barbarian sees, senses, and reacts to more situations Jim does not see coming, ending in violence and humor. Their new reporter friend, Erica, turns the news world upside down with Madigan/Cantelli guidance. Now… if the old partners can keep everyone alive, all will be well in the Cantelli land of darkness and shadow.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 17: War at Home

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Blood Lust 4: Dhampir of Darkness - New Release

     Amazon released my 4th novel in the paranormal Blood Lust Series: Blood Lust 4: Dhampirof Darkness.

Assigned by the Marine Corps after Raider training to work on his CSI Apps as the military liaison with the Sacramento CSI Office, Corporal Jedidiah Israel Blake returns with wife Erin and little dhampir daughter Jillian to their home in Pollack Pines. Greeted by a vampire mistress who turned his father, a serial killer haunting the tunnels under Sacramento, and hampered by New World Order owned politicos and media personalities, Jed conducts business as usual. That is until Jed’s Force Recon Marine company receives an assignment in a dense jungle and deadly Panama area called the Darien Gap, Jed knows well.


Blood Lust 4: Dhampir of Darkness

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Hard Case 17: Homefront Nightmare - New Release

 Nick McCarty and John Harding are back again in a new Hard Case/Cold Blooded crossover event, leading the Monsters and Unholies into battle against the New World Order minions of Deep State. 

Hard Case 17: Homefront Nightmare

Demon 15: Darkness of Eternity

After discovering Switzerland based Large Hadron Collider operations create a rift in the ethereal plain of human imaginings, unleashing both human and paranormal creations, the Demon Inc crew pit themselves against a growing threat to dimensional wall integrity.

Mike’s power grows steadily as the darkness he controls begins to absorb the essence of anything he and the Demon Inc crew battle from the paranormal world. As Mike’s darkness absorbs more power, his paranormal companions, Demon, Mongo, and Sandy also get dealt an upgrade, vastly improving their ability to battle the powerful minions of the chaotic New World Order Illuminati. New loves and erotic adventures begin to break down the Demon Inc morality patrol, causing Mongo and Demon to rethink the Demon Inc Archive of Lost Souls.

Friday, November 19, 2021

New Release! Rick Cantelli, P.I. 16: Into the Unknown

Just released! Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 16: Into the Unknown. Here is the blurb and cover for my new addition to the Rick Cantelli series.


Madigan/Cantelli Security recruits a square shooting journalist named Erica Roberts. In a war of attrition against an increasingly desperate New World Order mafia seeking their demise, Rick and Lois rely on the skills of their young apprentices along with the impressive courage shown by reporter Erica Roberts. Assassination attempts work against the previously untouchable NWO political minions selling out their nation one day at a time. As the rats scurry off the endangered New World Order ship of Deep State, Rick and Lois trap a big billionaire rat named Heed Kofftan. Movie making, new revelations, and continued mayhem encompass the Madigan/Cantelli crew… all in a day’s work.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 16: Into the Unknown

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Blood Lust 3: Darkness & Light - New Release

 Amazon released my latest addition to the Jedidiah Israel Blake story as the dhampir launches into another series of deadly events. Here's the cover and blurb along with a link to the release.

PFC Jedidiah Israel Blake, Marine Force Recon, while helping his Raider unit brothers under the command of Lieutenant Fielding, learned the forces of darkness in DC planned to create a New World Order command complex in Tora Bora. Lieutenant Fielding, when ordered to surrender his units and the complex to the enemy, instead launched his secret weapon, a dhampir so powerful, the Taliban villages called him Utukku, a blood drinking demon of Sumerian and Assyrian legend. 

Force Recon destroyed the complex and escaped with Jed’s knowledge of the surrounding villages. Back in the states, with Jed and Erin’s daughter, Jillian, born shortly after Jed’s arrival home, paranormal gates to a new incredible future opened to the new parents - guiding a powerful and rambunctious prodigy into their reality of danger. Given two weeks leave before completing Raider training at Camp Lejeune, Jed and Erin, thanks to the rapidly evolving Jillian, must deal with a new ally living in the Pollock Pines’ woods surrounding Jed’s mansion where a five-hundred-pound black bear Jed names Yogi supplies some unexpected humor.

Blood Lust 3: Darkness & Light

Saturday, August 28, 2021

 My new novel, Cold Blooded 15: Political Genocide, released today on Amazon. Here's the Blurb and Cover.

Escape from Colombia on a dangerous sea route, New World Order plots attacking every facet of Nick and John’s lives, teens amidst deadly and romantic liaisons with Jay becoming ever more tightly entwined with Janice, and looming in Boston, John Harding’s cage match with the Albanian Devil. The NWO want the Monsters and Unholies dead or disbanded by any means necessary. Kade and Captain Hook continue their antics in both dangerous and comical manner in this rapid-fire addition to the Muerto and Dark Lord crossover events.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Hard Case 16: Live by the Feud - New Release

 The latest in my Hard Case series, Hard Case 16: Live by the Feud was released by Amazon this morning.

Here is the blurb and the new link.

John Harding and Nick McCarty with their respective crews, the Monsters and Unholies, wage a continuing war against the New World Order media, politicos, Antifa/BLM mafia, and hired assassins. It's just business... and business is good.

Hard Case 16: Live by the Feud


Monday, May 17, 2021

 Just released on Amazon, my sequel to Blood Lust, the paranormal erotica novel Blood Lust 2: Red Gold now available on the Amazon Marketplace. 


Jed and Erin lead the assault on New World Order serial killers, assassins, and human traffickers. Jed’s CSI Apps and ability to track killers becomes a huge asset in unsolved cases, leading to an appointment as a Sacramento CSI consultant, able to visit any crime scene. Violent, erotic, humorous, and politically incorrect, Jed fights desperately to slow a nation’s descent into darkness, perpetrated by NWO traitors and goon squads, ending in a battle to destroy a NEW World Order complex being built in Tora Bora.

Blood Lust 2: Red Gold 


Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 15: The Bullet Express

 My new addition to the Rick Cantelli, P.I. series has been published.


The New World Order minions swarm Madigan/Cantelli Security and their FBI Tactical Unit, only to learn some people don’t bend, sellout their nation, or break. They break you. Rick and Lois, turning over more and more responsibility to their apprentices, guard at the outskirts of the NWO assault, training their young hard chargers for deadly battle against the Deep State. 

Assault teams, fake news media, and snipers invade Cantelli-land, only to find death, and prison terms for the New World Order, coin operated politicos. Jim, at nearly six-and-a-half feet tall, ripped, a movie star, screenwriter, and deadly killer, learns the erotic side of being sixteen in such a reality can be hazardous to everything in your life.

Rick Cantelli P.I. Book 15: The Bullet Express